Study from Rodin(WIP)

Hi folks! This is my first post in ZBrushCentral… trying out some stuff with ZBrush3… planning to do a few master studies for practice.

This WIP is a study of Auguste Rodin’s “La Belle Heaulmiere”


update… getting used to the new sculpting tools.



update: worked a bit on the face.


very good job,man! :+1:
you are a good sculptor :slight_smile:

Superb indeed! :+1: :+1:

Finally a Piece of Art that not appear Alien or Fantasy or Robotic or Super Athletic etc. ect. … In conclusion a classic authentic Fine Arts level humanbody study (excuse my ugly English)…

Bravo Anandpg! :smiley:

I really love SciFi/Fantasy subjects… but sometime I prefer something of simple and beautiful like a “normal” person…

Very good job!

Such a pleasure to see a piece of Rodin taken as the subject of study. It looks very nice. I have a beautifull book of rodin with huge pictures and ive been thinking of using one of those for an inspirational sculpt (i dont dare say replicate) myself. So its very cool to see someone else inspired by him on here. :slight_smile:

GrtZ 3dioot

Excellent work :+1: :+1: :+1:

So refreshing to see a well-sculpted body with gravity-bound flesh, and displaying well placed fatty tissue, instead of the same old fat-free, gravity-defying muscle-bound type generics.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Not much to add to the compliments already made. Stunning and a true art-study! :+1: :+1: :+1:

I like that you chose a sculpture of Rodin, he must be one of my favorite sculptors.
And you did a very good job I might add.

True emotion :+1: .

Great job Anand! bravo!

Very, very good modeling and more :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks for RODIN’s Art :+1:

Bravo ++ :wink: and good ZBrush

Very nice!


I studied a Rodin exhibit in LA’s art museum on Wilshire Drive years ago. There was a bronze of this work (‘Old Courtesan’) and your interpretation is quite accurate. Good work.


hey, nice work. my only crit is that I seem to remember Rodin’s hands being pretty distinct. But, it’s hard to say what’s lacking without seeing the reference you’re using - they may be spot on.
Also something about the toes looks odd.
But it’s great to see such a well done study. IMO more people (especially newcomers to 3D) should be copying master works.
Thanks for sharing.

Magic, I love this piece of work. I don’t allot about sculpting but this is truly beautiful. Plus I never really post or comment especially on a piece like this. But all I can say is genius. Well done.

very mice sculpting. How exactly do you work?
Do you build a basic mesh in another package and the import it or is that all zbrush?
Also would you like to expand on the tools you’ve used? I’m trying to learn zbrush and it would be really helpful to know how you approach your modeling.

Well she’s not made it onto my CG babe list, but that’s fine looking work :+1: