Studio Wall IV

This is the fourth and final Studio Wall image I’ve created. I decided after “Study of Anne” to get more familiar with the face. After completing studies of the nose, mouth and eyes I studied the ear. Each ear was sculpted in an hour or less using photo reference from 3d.sk. Here is the final result of my ear studies.
If you would like to follow my progress I have started an anatomy thread over at cgtalk http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…?f=200&t=473361

Comments and crits welcome, thanks for looking.

You can get to all threads in the Studio Wall series through my gallery. Here are the finished images from the series:


On another note, I was extremely pleased to find out that Studio Wall II was featured on a poster at the Pixologic Siggraph booth this year.
Thanks Pixologic!








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Another Piece of Art in your Anatomic Collection…
Bravo! :smiley:

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

i agree, excellent!!

hey plung ! im really happy to see your studio wall on a poster !

Very cool!
Congratulation for the booth!:cool:

Congratulations man… this whole series is absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever seen on this forum. Lots of hard work and a great presentation as well. Glad youre getting some recognition for it.

The ears are fantastic, just wish there were more than 6, like your other pieces. :wink: Slacker! :wink:

Great ears!

And the study looks awesome on that poster!

ooooh :slight_smile: Congrats on the top row Joel :+1: - well deserved for all those hours spent on this work! :smiley:

…hear me? :smiley:

Great work Plunq , This wall is top notch :+1:

very interesting. this makes a great exersise/warup for pre modeling. and will help speed up the time it takes to rough out a figure.

Wow thanks for all the kind words everyone. The Siggraph poster was a surprise for me too. I had sent my studio walls to pixologic and didn’t hear or see anything the whole week of Siggraph. I had seen plenty of other posters or other great work at the pixologic booth so I just figured mine didn’t make it:)

ooOOoo and I made top row, right on!

plunq - you mean they didn’t inform you abour using your artworks for their needs?

(O)ne, no no… I knew they wanted my work, why else would I send them 3k files? :wink:
I just thought they might have asked for a lot of different work form everyone and then chose from those (maybe the did, I don’t know). Anyway, it was a really nice surprise to see the photos back from Siggraph :slight_smile:

You should do a video tutorial on how you do your stuff.

Beautifully detailed and diverse pieces! Definitely top row worthy!

thnx 100 time…

I agree, i’d love to see some video of your process. this is up there with the best sculpting i’ve ever seen. beautiful
btw, the link to the forum is broken
all the best

Thanks for the great feedback guys.

crossbones and neilpwa, I only managed to make one zbrush movie from all of my 60 sculpts. This was a movie captured from my 18th mouth, it shows you the workflow of how I do my studies.


Another study I just completed (95% done in zbrush) was of a skull, it’s as far as I wanted to go with it, not as detailed as it could be. Started with a sphere, sculpted the main volumes. Used topology tools to rebuild a new base, used Silo to fill in the holes and gaps. Then brought back to zbrush for final sculpt and rendering using modified skeleton matcap.