STUDENT Assignments

Hi everyone, this is my first post here, and I see almost nothing but amazing work here! You guys are truly inspiring.

I have been going to a 3D Modelling and Animation school for a while now, but I am FINALLY enrolled into my ZBrush course for the next 3 months!

Here I will be posting my ZBrush assignments. After inquiring to my instructor about posting here, he encouraged me to do so instantly!
If you can’t tell I’m SUPER excited!

ALL comments and critiques are welcome!

Thank you all to post in advance, and I hope to see my work completely torn apart by your critiques!




Male Bust.JPG

As before, Comments and Critiques are VERY welcome!

This is my head textured using purely polypaint.


This is my second assignment.
A torso study.

I was trying to learn the anatomy of the torso including the upper arms and legs.


This is my third assignment. A horse. I am struggling with this one, because I have grown up on a farm and raised horses. I know what looks like a horse… and this does not.

Looking for comments and critiques for my progression in this study and sculpt.
Thank you in advance!

I have posed it according to an anatomy reference image for now. With the hind legs that far back it doesn’t feel natural, so I may end up rotating them forward to a more neutral position.