Hey guys I wanted to share my take on AI by this artwork . Now I understand that in practise it most probably wouldn’t go like this (so hollywood) :slight_smile: but AI can very well be replacing a lot of positions and it shouldn’t just because it could atleast not over night . It shouldn’t replace artists as artworks are ways to impress our feelings and thoughts not just an image with good composition or color coming from something with no care for us :slight_smile: there has to be some kind of moderation on inventions and implementation of new technology so that we all thrive togeather since not every one of them is in the best interest of society and in this case the future isn’t that clear as well.
I hope you like it and please share your thoughts.



I love how you marry organic volume and shape with hardedge modeling, well done and believable take.

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thanks a lot Jaime . glad you liked it :metal: :blush:

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I’ll be adding some breakdowns like the video since I’m recording a tutorial… hope you guys like it :metal:

hey guys I added a new shot I hope you like it :metal: