Streets of Rage 4 Axel Fanart

Fanart of Axel from Streets of Rage.
One of my favorite games when I was a kid.

I made a time-lapse video for youtube documenting the whole process, with narration.

The base mesh I created to make this character is available for free on my gumroad.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

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Wow Deryck. This material is so complete and educational, congrats for such inspiring post man.

I really enjoyed myself watching the video, laugh a lot.

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Congratulations my friend, the video and the project were incredible, it burst into anatomy, I’m waiting for the next …

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Great work @Deryck!!! :clap::clap:

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Excellent visual description on how you’re laying your sculpt foundation :+1: Thanks for sharing!!

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@nilo1 thank you i’m glad you liked the material, i tried to be brief in the video edition and keep the important information trying to be as clear as possible, i’m very happy that you had a good laugh :rofl:
I even found myself laughing a lot while editing the video, I also had a lot of fun during the process.

@felipe2050 thank you very much, I keep trying to improve my anatomy, I still have a lot of difficulty, I need to continue studying, I hope to improve a lot. :nerd_face:
I will make more videos like this for sure.

@nilbertoTawata thank you, you keep pushing the level up, and inspiring us, so I have to keep going. :blush:

@jaime Thanks for that, I’m happy to share a little bit of my process and method, especially here where I’ve already learned so much.

looks great.

play the 1st two on genesis, but never heard 3, until 4 was announced, it probably the reason i don’t keep up with sega after the genesis era ended.

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@V-Rex_Freak Thank you :blush:
Yeah same here, now I can’t wait to play the fourth, its hard to find good couch co-op games, and this one will be amazing.

lets hope so.

but i got to play “3” 1st.

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This is insanely cool!! I am a HUGE fan of this game. Still listen to this soundtrack regularly. You absolutely NAILED Axel with this style, and I love that you made such a comprehensive video to go along with this.

I particularly love your anatomy workflow with the Primitive shapes to capture all of the muscle groups to hit this style correctly. When we were developing Insert Brushes, this was one of the main ideas we hoped those features would offer in workflow improvements, among other things.

amazing work, and love how your making use of ZBrush :star_struck:

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@Solomon_Blair Thank you very much :blush:
I’m glad you enjoyed the process and the end result.
It was really fun to record the process and make the video, very laborious, but it’s paying off, especially hearing kind words as these.
I am working on something new, and I intend to make another video showing the process, I will try something different for this one.

Damn this is great! I’m also a big SoR fan, can’t wait for the new game and you absolutely smashed this version of Axel!

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@DocZenith, thank you very much :star_struck:, I’m pretty happy to know that you enjoy it :relaxed:

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So excited for Streets of Rage 4! Streets of Rage 2 still to this day is one of my favorite games of all time!
Love the anatomy break down you displayed. You thinking about creating any more of the characters? No pressure lol!
:apple: :poultry_leg: Here, take these power-ups :wink: