Street Fighter Miniatures - The whole enchilada


Hi everyone,

It’s gonna be a big post so here it goes. Last year I got the gig for doing the whole set of miniatures for this project. The core set, which consisted of about 8 fighters, was done when we launched the Kickstarter with the Alpha, 3, 4, and 5 expansions getting started and stretchgoal characters locked behind higher funding goals… we reached all the stretchgoals and ended up with 37 characters… it was both super fun and very exhausting. Capcom approval was easy at first, but got a bit tougher later, still we persevered and now we’re still working on the final prototypes and production. Lets just go for it then:

This is a collage showing the whole cast, rendered in zbrush with comped passes done in photoshop.


Single characters in alphabetical order:


And more…


looks good so far.


Thanks @V-Rex_Freak

Here’s some more:




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Last batch…


Hate to break the flow but man these are awesome. I love the motion you sculpted into the characters.

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Nicely done Hector! :clap::muscle::wink:

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@Wyatt - Thanks man! I really tried to make them look fluid and energetic like the moves in the game. :slight_smile:

@jaime - Gracias! :smiley:

Here’s the last batch of images and some photos of the prototypes in production:

Last here are some pics of the pre-painted prototypes in different stages of the process:

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Amazing job! Such a massive project and You’ve done it really really well. I really love some of the characters even not beeing fan of Street Fighter myself.


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Really really impressive; they all turned out amazing =) Looking forward to the game being released! :slight_smile:


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Amazing, and the printed results are looking incredible!!!, I just want all of them!!!

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What an amazing gig to work on man :open_mouth:. The whole collection of characters from Street Fighter, that must be a very satisfiying feeling. Could I ask just you about the schedule for one of these if its possible to share? Also I would love to see how you broke up the models for printing or did you print them in one mesh?

Very inspiring and impressing amount of workload. right away to my reference folder. AWESOME :+1: @HecM

Cant wait seeing more work from you.

Happy sculpting buddy,
Kenny :slight_smile:

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@nebular - Thanks man! glad you dig the work. I enjoyed it lots.

@Piggyson - Thanks Joseph. It’s thanks to you guys at Pixo that I get to sculpt my days away and I’m grateful every day for it. I really want to see them all on my shelf and on my gaming table soon. :smiley:

@westter - Gracias! and thanks for the help with Q’s base model.

@KC-Production - Thanks man. The schedule varied a bit, but it went more or less like this: Akuma was one of the first or the very first character. His body was a conversion of another base mesh I had so that took like a day to convert, then his outfit took like half a day or day and a half. The pose and refining of the pose was about two days. All characters with a Karete Gi on were conversions of Akuma that took like half a day to convert and a day or two to pose. Every character had a polishing pass of about half a day to a day, this consisted of double checking muscles, clothing wrinkles and stuff. Miniatures used to take me longer to make, but I’ve become fairly quick with them, especially once I get the rhythm of a given style. The range for these then was between 3-5 days a piece. I had to practice, learn and re-learn lots of anatomy stuff and also ended up finally taking one of Scott Eaton’s anatomy courses to really get this sorted. I took the course after the project, so some of these sculpts still have some no-nos that Scott would not approve of… shush, don’t tell anyone. :stuck_out_tongue:

There was no cuts and keys pass done on my part for this project, that was fully shifted to the manufacturers in this case, so that made my life easier. I’ve done tutorials before on breaking up miniatures tho. One of them can be found here:

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the pictures when you have on the desktop, reminds me of amiibo from nintendo.

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