Storm's zdoodles

Hey, been lurking for a long time; and thought I’d actually be a part of this wonderful community.
So lets just get down to it, basically just a bunch of zdoodles, and a few finished models.


I’d be more than happy to hear what you guys think, CC i more then welcome :wink:

I almost forgot, a big thanks to anybody who shared their matcaps, been very helpful.











amazing models, great thread! I love the deer/moose head

I’m glad you stopped lurking and posted your stuff. You have a great style.
I particularly like your Major Bad Ass, and Dark Night. Keep posting! :smiley:

They’re all very nice. I checked your website, you’re talented (I love the secret agent).
Of the models posted here, the only I don’t like is the human head : doesn’t match with your other models, seems to be made in a realistic way but is not really realistic.

Keep up the good work though, I’d love to see more of it

Nice sculpts :slight_smile: keep’em coming!

hey very funny models here keep it up! :+1:

Are these your concepts? Very nice designs. Wow

Hey, I really like your style. :slight_smile:


there are some really great characters here. Give them a nice render.

HAHA very fun! Love them all.

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love your stuff bro, amazing

enjoyable little creatures :slight_smile:

I´m a fan of your characters… good work:+1:

@michael milano
Thanks! I’m so glad to hear you like them :wink:
@Derek Frenzo
Thanks man, great to hear you like them!
Thank you :wink:
There is properly some truth about the human head. I properly should have used some reference :
Thanks man! I’ll do my best to have an update ready soon :wink:
@julien n
Thanks, really appreciate it. :wink:
Thank you, really good to hear! And yep, they are all my designs.
@Paint Guy
Thanks, really good to hear :wink:
Thanks :wink:
Yeah I definitely should. Unfortunately my rendering skills are incredibly poor. But that will definitely be my goal for one of my later models :wink:
Haha, thanks! Glad to hear you like them :wink:
Thank you
Glad to hear you like 'em :smiley:
Haha XD
Thanks man!

Thanks for all the comments guys, I really appreciate it! :wink:

I got a new creature cooking, starting working on last night. I’ll post my progress on him and my pencil concept soon :wink:

Once again thanks for all the comments!

Okay, so I got the first WIPpost for my aquadude (working title) ready:
the sketchy pencil concept:
And what I got so far:

I’d be more than happy to hear what you guys think, and especially if you got some good CC for the anatomy :wink:

So apparently I didn’t get the thumbnail thing right this time either, is there a kind soul who would explain how it works?



absolut lovely stuff here…i really like all of them…

These are all really awesome. you have a style that reminds me a little bit of the Oddworld universe. Love it.

Your style is just awesome! Very fresh :wink:

Really like your sculpting style…very cool and all the works are awesome.

For the Batman what material was in use? Can you share that one?

The thumbnail is always the first image you attach to a post (and then place in the post). So you can either let it happen automatically or just add your pre-cropped thumb first.

Great work BTW...love the style. :+1: