Storm Cast Eternal

Hi All
I’ve started making a Stormcast eternal as part of a personal project being a big fan of warhammer and wanting to make something from it.

My intention is to set it up as a scene/diorama piece I haven’t decided yet so I am sculpting him in T pose and will retopo and pose in Blender or something so I can try several different poses later. I might even 3D print this in the future if I get one to build as a large model and paint.

I thought I would post WIP shots during the project just in case I miss something in regards to proportions or want to ask advice on making a certain element and if people know any good technique etc.

So here is an initial WIP. I am still in the block out phase trying to get the scale on everything correct then will retopo armour elements to have better poly flow and allow for the Z modeller brush to be used.Wip Gold Wip2 side SP Wip2 side Wip2

Here is a small update still in the block out phase trying to sort out scale and silhouette.Wip3

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Your work is great. I like it very much.Could you give me a thumbs up for my work, too? Thanks. :wink: :wink: