Storing the "camera" view

Does anyone know a way to store the “camera” view, so the tool position, rotation and scale could be recalled within the document?

This could really help when setting up multiple objects for rendering within ZBrush.

I know that we used to use MultiMarkers for this but I don’t know if they function correctly anymore.
also this plugin may or may not help

Thanks for the info, spaceboy. They both work great and in different ways so it’s useful to have a choice depending on the situation.

I am trying render all my models in ZBrush rather than taking them into external apps, so having this compositional control is very useful. :slight_smile:

Here’s a plugin from the “Intro-to-ZScripting” section of Scott’s book. ModelViews is dirt simple but does exactly what you want…

Unzip into the ZStartup\Zplugs folder. The button can be found under ZPlugin\MyPlugin menu and can be dragged onto your interface.


That’s perfect, thanks for the link, Svengali :slight_smile:

Dear Svengali,

I need the functionality of Modelviews but I’d like to extend the storage to more than 4 views. I get the impression that it is the output of a simple scripting tutorial from Scott’s book but I get no results when I Google Intro-to-ZScripting.

Please advise Scott’s family name or a link to the book.



The book is called “ZBrush Character Creation (Advanced Digital Sculpting)” by Scott Spencer… and I strongly urge you to order a copy - it is gold!

I’m appending a zipfile containing the eight view version of the plugin in both .zsc and .txt format.

Unzip into the ZStartup\ZPlugs folder and restart ZBrush - you’ll find the ModelVues8 button in the ZPlugin:MyPlugin submenu.


I am constantly amazed at the generosity and support of the zbrush community.

Thanks indeed, not only for improving the functionality of the plugin but for the accompanying text file which shows its inner workings. Before my previous posting I tried editing the .zsc file by changing it’s extension to .txt but, as you will know, that doesn’t work.

You’ve got me going now… rolls up sleeves… now I’ll have to find out how to roll my own!

Thanks also for the details of Scott’s book… off to Amazon!

Here’s a small note, perhaps for posting in a community development thread if there is one…

As a relative newcomer to zbrush a big problem I’m facing is one common in softwares with lots of 3rd party plugins: identifying the ‘currency’ of 3rd party tools ie.

“Here’s a plugin that looks like it might do what I need but was it made for Z2, does it still work in Z3, has it been superseded, or is it perhaps now built in to the program?”

I’d like to suggest that the launch of Z4 be complimented with a clear separation of the old from the new. To ease the steep learning curve into the program. I can’t offer a suggestion of how but I’m sure it would be beneficial for all.



Hi Nigel Haslam,

If you look at the ZScript forums you’ll see that one - a subforum of ZScript Utilities - is name ‘Archived ZScript Utilities’. This contains zscripts and plugins written for earlier versions of ZBrush; there’s no guarantee that stuff posted here will work with the latest version but they are provided because sometimes they are useful to refer to.

So if you use the ‘Search’ facility to find zscripts, just check which forum you’re in.

If you are interested in learning ZScripting there are resources to get you started on the wiki: http://www.pixologic.com/docs/index.php/ZScripting


Cheers Markus,

Sage advice.


Just wanted to chime in and THANK the developer of this script, its VERY useful. Thank you !!!

I’ll take a look at these scripts as I would welcome the ability to have more views stored, but I just wanted to clarify that people knew you could save the veiw and recall it from with in the Texture panel.

The texture panel only gives me 1 view to store and recall AFAIK, this gives me 8, VERY VERY valuable for my workflow(making projection master soooo much friendlier)

Small repost (checked with v4, windows), hope you don’t mind.
All I did was reshuffle Code a bit to allow yourself to have regular buttons and no floating windows (this way you can assign hotkeys, place buttons in your interface etc)

The Original Menu still comes up if you press Menu.

Thanks for the Code Sven !!!



Thank you. campi.
You can add a View menu?

I am not sure there is a clear axis definition in ZBrush so setting specific values as being “front” " top" etc. is likely to be wrong nine times out of ten – apart from that I feel bad messing around with Sven’s Code…

I would recommend building an own interface menu with the elements from the Zapplink Properties under Document. They let you define your own front/top/etc. views. – unfortunately those aren’t saved as part of the project but better than nothing.

I was thinking about adding a save/load to the ModleView thing though since currently the data ends up in one common file shared across projects.