Stone Tile Texture Wip


So long without posting… So many years doing tiling textures in photoshop, normal maps layer by layer using the nvidia PS plugin… with really good result… but things must change for better so here is my very first tile done in Zbrush, I havent use any reference, just did it to learn the process. Its polypainted and I havent use the insertmesh brush (too much for my computer). Im still working on it, specially the base and the small stones between the gaps. Ill post soon normal map stuff.



That looks really good. Kudos. I recently started making the bricks/stones to make a wall also. Yours looks great.


Can you show us some more? nice work, love the polypaint!

Here is another version, worked more the base and the stones. Its my first tile so Im getting happy about it. Ill work more on some bricks i did very fast and I’ll jump to my next tile.

Wow really awesome. How did you do those realistic bricks? Could share your workflow to create those bricks?

Ditto :+1:

Finally I could take some time to finish all the maps to generate the tile I was intended to do!
The Screenshot is taken from marmoset visor tool.

Nice job! For a first try at tiling textures in zbrush, I’d say you’re off to a great start! Looking good!

Pretty convincing, i like it a lot, make us a tutorial and upload it on youtube. :smiley:

Thanks a lot! I have seen your work in your blog and its really amazing. Thanks for the tutorial, I have just seen it and its really cool how you make the mask’s and use them later in photoshop.

@highbred3d is the guy you are looking for, he is the one that can make tutorials about it, not me :slight_smile:

Really nice work.

2.5D powered :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: