STL saving: replacing files doesn't work

Hi there,
I have a problem with writing stl files via the 3dPrintHub-plugin.
Whenever I replace an older stl file it doesn’t change the file at all - it stays exactly the same. Still I receive the note “file(s) were successfully exported”- same goes for vrml…
Now I keep saving incrementally but every now and then I forget this, leading to unpleasant errors.
Is this just me or is this a known issue?

Hello @elvis,

I’m not certain I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t have any trouble saving over an existing file with the 3D Print Hub plugin in any format. I would first recommend checking to see if the location you’re saving to is actually the location you think it is.

You would need to contact ZBrush Support to further investigate whatever you’re experiencing.

Thank you!