Steve Teeps - Sketchbook


Haven’t updated this forum with my work in forever, figured it was time to dump a few projects in here. :smiley:





Started this as a stylized modeling practice and it ended up turning into a Kakashi fan art… rare for me but I enjoyed learning more about the BPR rendering in Zbrush and more hand painted texturing.



Assorted character designs :smiley:




Ah I just love the illustration style renders! How’s your workflow on that, post process? materials?


You’re making wonderful use of ZBrush. I really enjoy scrolling through your gallery here.


Amazing renders! Hints please?

Respect for the Top Row…


Nice work! Care to share your workflow for those beautiful renders?


Thank you all!

For workflow on these, it tends to change depending on my mood or overall goal for the look I want. Some of these are Keyshot renders using the bridge, and others like the Kakashi/hand painted creature I have been experimenting with using matcaps + BPR render passes inside of Zbrush. I also used Cinema 4D + Octane render for a handful of these, and also tend to leverage a lot of VR tools like Oculus Medium to block out my stuff before headed to Zbrush for refinement and details. Pretty much all of these end up in Photoshop at the end to add details and paint over parts (either rendering passes out of KS and compositing, or using the killer Zbrush to Photoshop plugin built in) :slight_smile:

For Keyshot stuff I use some modified toon shaders I have set up (nothing fancy just shading and line tweaks, usually needs to be tweaked per piece), and I usually render out a bunch of different material passes and composite them in Photoshop using layer masks to brush away or add materials to sections I want. If you do a clown pass render out of KS it makes masking super easy. Then usually a bit of hand line work to clean up what Keyshot spits out as the toon renders are far from perfect.

Hope this helps a bit! I will try and post a more detailed breakdowns on here soon with images and layers maybe if there is interest when I am back to my computer (am traveling this week).

Appreciate the support :slight_smile:


Here is a small breakdown of the Gateway piece at the start of this thread. I started sketching it out in Oculus Medium, then took that rough base and fixed up a lot of it and added details in zbrush. I then sent everything over to Cinema 4D and Octane Render to do some passes before ending in photoshop. The gif should help show a bit of the build up of layers and painting.

process gif of layers in photoshop

Viewfinder inside Cinema 4D for final shot before rendering. The environment is mostly made up of kitbashing parts from the original model, and the small archer in the scene was done in Zbrush a while back and put in there as well.






Myrkviðr is Old Norse for “dark wood” or “black forest”



The Demon Twins of Yomi-no-kuni - 黄泉の国

This was a quick test when still working out the design of the characters.


Knight Infernum
“It is during sleep that man becomes a dreamer visited by gods, views phantoms and spectres whose existence he denies, and penetrates the secrets of the future.”

This one is all BPR renders + photoshop which is slowly becoming my go-to for concept sculpts. Being able to match the camera to keyshot for a quick clownpass also helps a ton! Loving the latest update.


Witch of Endor

“The first and most illustrious of witches— ancestor, mother, model, prototype— the venerable pithiness, the Witch of Endor.”

More BPR renders + photoshop.