Stereo Turntable Plugin

This plugin is at an early stage, but I used it in order to make some 3D turntables.
You can found some of these videos on my thread here and here.

I report here part of my last post:


I transformed the macro that I maked for these turntables in a mini plugin: You can download it from HERE.

You have to place the file “StereoTurntable.txt” under your folder Zbrush4 R3\ZStartup\ZPlugs and you will see that under the menu “Movie” there will be a subpalette with some options.

-You can set the number of frame of the turntable (from 1 to 360)
-You can set the 3D effect (more pronuced more 3D effect more headache… The default value seem to be OK)
-You can turn on/off the BPR render

Basically, when you press the “Make Stereo Turntable” button, the plugin request you the name for a filename the it will start on doing 2 turntable renders:
One in order to render the view of right eyes, the other in order to render the view of the left eyes.

Please be careful and be sure to have the PERSPECTIVE active on your tool, otherwise you will not have the Stereo 3D effect.

The plugin will save one file for each frame rendered…
So if you gave “STEREOTT” as filename for the turntable you will find these files:





From these I use “Avisynth” in order to obtain the two format of 3D video (the cross eye type and the standard side by side).

I will put a minitutorial on my blog when I will find the time.

I hope to be able to refine a bit the plugin in the neare future… in the meantime anyone could do his test as the plugin code is visible to all.
Hope this could be helpful for some interesting experiment.

Hello Guti,

Thanks for creating the stereo plugin. I’m interested in producing stereoscopic content so this should be interesting to play with.

I just have an issue - I have unzipped the text file into my ZStartup\ZPlugs folder and restarted ZB4 R3 but the sub palette under “movie” is not there.

Does the plugin depend on using the exact folder name/s you mentioned? I still have my main folder labeled as R2 from the previous version so was wondering if this might be the problem.

I appreciate your help.

Trist and Guti,

ZBrush will not automatically load plugin files if they are in text format. All you need to do is:

  1. Press the Load button in the ZScript palette.
  2. From the Open dialogue, navigate to the “StereoTurntable.txt” and open it.

The menu should then appear in the Movie palette.

You only need to do this once. ZBrush will compile the text file into a ZSC file which will be loaded each session (so long as it is in the ZStartup/ZPlugs folder).


Thanks Marcus! :smiley:

Thanks Marcus,
I was not aware of this thing, although I did it without knowing :smiley: