Stephen Dillane likeness WIP

Hey guys

I would like some feedback on this one. I’m trying to create a likeness bust sculpt of Stephen Dillane “Stannis Baratheon”. At this stage I’m just trying to create the main forms, I’m not sure if I’ve been looking at it for too long but I don’t seem to be making any major changes anymore.

These are the reference images I’ve been working with:

I can’t seem to find a decent side shot.

Thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


02144673-0307-423c-9620-430b70ddd647-1024x768 (1).jpeg




Ok, I’ve been working on it some more and I feel like i’m getting closer to a likeness. Is there anything you guys can see that I can’t. I could use a fresh pair of eyes to look at this.