Stefanos Petras sketchbook

Hi everyone,i hope you like my works.

Here is dr.Zoidberg from futurama( http://www.doheth.co.uk/toons/futurama/zoidberg-1.png ) in a more realistic approach. I made him furious because he is always so calm and I wanted to show another side of him. I consider this a WIP because I’m thinking of giving him a body too.

The material for the skin is from SoK and you can find it here: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?5393-Human-Skin-Shader-Test-Download


ZBrush Document3.jpg

I started sculpting and this came out. It’s random but I like it a lot.


I really like the randomness of the second one, good imagination at just starting with nothing and making something.
Something I struggle with a lot :frowning: I like them, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

This is something I started just to show to my brother’s wife how ZBrush works. Started from a single ball, made the basics using Dynamesh and then the old way, detailing and subdividing. Weird thing is, it started for fun and ended up being one of my favorites. I have also made a body for him, still working on it.

This is my entry for a contest over at cghub, which requested a technologically enhanced creature.

The poll URL is: http://cghub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10356
Lots of great entries, come and vote whichever you like!

fantastic entry for the challenge stefano, really great work.:slight_smile:
It is definantly going to be a hard one, every piece is awesome and deserves to win!
Looking forward seeing you in the others challenges and ofcourse new sculpts!
Cheers mate,

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

Wraia pramata Stefane! I’m glad to see more greeks in the Zbrush community! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thanks, Kenny!

Meletis, same here!

Started working on a woman face. I realized today that all that time I have never done a female so I guess I need to work on it.

Any critiques on what to improve are welcome.

I played a little bit with fibermesh. I’m going to make the eyebrows, too. Please, tell me what looks strange or too fake so I can fix it.


I think the bangs and ponytail might be a little too fine and the main hair a little too thick.

Also try bringing where the bangs come out of the head, together at the widows peak, even though he doesn’t have one. The two clumps of bangs look a little strange, since they normally meet in the middle, then come out and part. Does that make sense?

I like it though. Great test. I’m waiting to develop a character, so I can mess around with it :slight_smile:

Great style! Enjoyed watching your sculpts.
For the woman, I think you should find a reference for a hair style and mimic it. I think it looks a bit unnatural, but strands together looks very fine to me.

Just take a look:

Also I think her lips should be wider and ears smaller a little bit maybe.
I like her expression, very powerfull and strong:+1: