Stefano Dubay demoreel 2007

hello everybody, I’ve finished a rough of my demo 4 a contest:

I hope you’ll like it


Great work man! hope you win!:eek: have a nice vacation!

thanks a lot my friend!!!

have a good work!


Very nice character!

I would say the forest guy could have more trees, plants or roots on his body. Maybe a broken root from where he detached.

About the video of the quick sculpt, I think It would be better if you make a progress slide show instead of leaving the video running. Maybe employers might not sit through the whole thing. Just an idea!

The best of your pieces for me, (as a sculptor my self) your chavant clay sculpture. I like the whole concept, form and detailt put to it. It would be nice if you could show close-ups and shots from other angles.

Good Luck with your job search!
Have a good one!

Javier Loredo.

well I’m actually working at Gentle Giant Studios and the reel is not for job hunting but for a contest i decided to partecipate to… (maybe i’ll win a 3DBOXX… crossing fingers!) so i tried to make it some kind of skill showreel more than a finished pieces demoreel (for tht i have the next year or so :slight_smile: )
thanks a lot about your crits! yeah i enjojed doing the Shoggotrh tamer a LOT (is awesome to go back to clay and leave the Wacom on the table) i’m addicted to the smell of hot chavant.

For my finished demo i’m planning to use a range of 3-4 digital models, 2 or 3 clays and a couple of scandata based rigging experiments :slight_smile:

tell me what you think about it:)