Steampunk Girl

Hey everyone,

Here’s a sculpt I’ve been working on for a while. It’s based on multiple concepts by two different artists: Fernández Ríos and Sangsoo Jeong.

I started this project earlier this year in an Advanced Digital Sculpting class taught by Insun Kwon, as a part of the Digital Production Arts program at Clemson University. After the class was over I continued to work on it over the summer.

I used Marvelous Designer for the pants, but everything else was created completely in ZBrush. The renders were done in Keyshot.

If you would like to see the animated turntable, I was able to include it in my artstation post: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/JXPWd

Always open to feedback!








Gorgeous sculpt! Attractive pose, clear silhouette, and just the right amount of detailing without getting too “busy” for the eyes. I like the textures on the fabrics and rock base.

I’m not sure if its just the angle of the pics, but the corners on her mouth seem to be sloping down a little too much.

Other than that, top notch work. :+1:

Just awesome, and the expression defiantly captures how i’d feel lugging all of that stuff around:+1:

Amazing work:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

It’s Great!

Great work!

The lighting is great! Is this all in Zbrush?

SKYWAYS128, Jodie78, artist.ae609, 3dcube, daniserran0: Thank you all! I really appreciate it!
StevenVargas: The pants were simulated in marvelous, but everything else was modeled using zbrush. The lighting and renders were done in keyshot.
Arjuna0400: Hard to answer your question since I don’t know your situation, but I do know that personally I’ve watched tons of tutorials and youtube videos for both the software side and the artistic side of things. Also I took two classes for ZBrush at my university which has also benefited greatly.