Starting out

Here is something I have been working on, still playing with hair so I haven’t included it. CC requested! Thanks.



Thank you for sharing the great technique! your render looks pretty awesome :+1:

thanks, playing with the color bump after polypainting really helped remove the flatness from it.

Added a third light through lightcap, the eyes, and played with the wax, fresnel and specularity.

Amazing! If this is how you start out, I can’t wait to see what you could do when you become a master. :wink:

Look at that. You’re a natural.

Thanks, I appreciate you checking it out. I like your guy with the turban, reminds me of the Zilean skin from LoL.

I can’t tell if its a monitor issue, but the images seem to have more red in them here at work than they do on my home monitor.

small update, brows and lashes.

Another head I’ve started, getting afro-style curls and straightened curls are eluding me, so just the head for now.

Here is a sculpt I have been fiddling with for a bit, intend to have him looking down at his challenger.

You have a good start for the skin.

The afro head looks a little twisted in the neck.

You have a good start for the Thor too. Just adjust the muscle proportions and soften the sculpted edges a bit and
it will be good.

Yea there is a definite curve going on in there, need to fix that. Thanks for checking me out!

the hopeful start of a larger piece. Enjoy!

This is GREAT stuff!
I especially love the last one its amazing.
Also THANK YOU for the skin settings, I think I could learn a lot from that.


Thanks, and my pleasure on those settings, hope they help you out.