Hello guys,

This is another personal project that I just finished called “Stare.”

I always start a project with a feeling that I want to express. For this piece, I wanted to explore the idea of a stare.
I don’t like to explaining what the exact feeling that I felt because I want the viewers to have their own interpretations of what the character is thinking.
It could be someone she is passionate about or it could be just a random thoughts.
I am not sure if my artistry is mature enough to evoke viewers to feel something from this piece.
Hope this draws some feeling and enjoyable.

turntable: https://vimeo.com/110630609
more on: http://www.artstation.com/artwork/stare-bb26884e-2b06-4d90-bc81-2c0827fffea5








hi, good work,

lovely work man.sooo beautiful.keep it up.:wink:

This gives me some new direction / inspiration in modeling some characters like Kizna Towryk from Pilot Candidate or my own character, Katie Avril from AIR Blade. I’ve been looking at the guy that does sculpts for some of the Anime Scaled Figures sold by Good Smile company. Thanks.

Nicely done - and fine job on evoking emotion of your character. She’s probably daydreaming (perhaps a better title?) about something or someone she is writing to or about

she look so cute and so agree with what Nate Owens said “daydreaming” :slight_smile: