Star with saved layout

Hello, I just wanted to know in Zbrush 2022 how I can always start with a previously saved layout.
Thanks in advance.


If you mean you’ve made a custom UI and want to start each new Zbrush session with that custom UI, then Preferences:Config:Store Config to make it persist between sessions. For more details see Michael Pavlovich 045 ZBrush Custom Interface and Menus - YouTube

If you mean you want to start each session with the same Ztool then look at Preferences:Startup:Autoload Recent Project or look at Zplugin:ZStartup Utility for various project startup options.


thanks a lot …; really thansk
i try what you say but not work…
Zbrush 2022.5
i need when open Zbrush every day …
then start with the working window maximized …
here a picture what i need

zbruish y

First, Document: New Document and make sure WSize is checked. (Hold Ctrl while hovering the cursor over WSize to see what it does).

Then, to make the change persistent between Zbrush sessions, Document:Save as Startup Doc.

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thansk …thansk really thaks
bless !!!