Star Wars Retro Collection : The Mandalorian


I had the privilege of sculpting The Mandalorian for the new Star Wars Retro Collection series of action figures for Hasbro.

Revealed today during their Mandalorian Monday special event.

This was something of a dream project for me, not only am I huge Mando fan but to have the opportunity to tackle him in the retro style I grew up on, was just fantastic. A huge thanks to my friend Paul Bennett over at Hasbro for being a spectacular AD and helping me hit the right notes on this guy throughout the project.

100% Sculpted in Zbrush, I’ll update and add renders as I’m permitted to share.

The full wave of 8 retro style characters is available for preorder starting today from most online retailers.


Congrats, creating an iconic character for the largest Toy company in the world (or in the top 3) is amazing :wink:

Thanks Jaime! It was a treat for sure.

Congrats, that’s awesome. Was this video put up anywhere?

Thanks Paul!

They did it kind of weird… they had Carl Weathers and Giancarlo Esposito show of their retro figs… so you’d think they’d have Pedro Pascal show off his Mando… but they didn’t… instead he (and the rest of the lineup) aren’t revealed until towards the end of the video during Weathers interview.

Cool is cool tho.

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