Star Wars May the 4th ZBrush Event


Calling all ZBrush artists!

May the 4th be with you this year as we welcome several very special guests to share some exclusive, behind the scenes Star Wars content as well as showcase YOUR Star Wars fan art on ZBrushLIVE!

Create your best Star Wars fan art this month for a chance to be featured on a special May the 4th live stream!

Submit your artwork at http://zbru.sh/may4th

We will be streaming the event live on Thursday May 4th at 11am PDT on ZBrushLIVE.com. Be sure to save a reminder at http://zbru.sh/may4event!


Thought it would be fun to share some older Star Wars pieces I’ve done in ZBrush. Maybe this can provide some inspiration for this challenge.


Just some more inspiration. This is a TIE fighter I did in ZBrush.

You can also download the brush I made for this TIE Fighter

I also did a live stream making of the TIE Fighter. It’s a 2 part stream. Here are the links to the streams.

Part 1

Part 2

I was also creating this piece into a collectible for myself. Here is a turntable of what I’m planning on doing.



I’m so excited for May the 4th!
Here are a few things i have done recently:

Lightsaber Build - Sculpted and Rendered in ZBrush/ ZB Redshift

And I just completed this Super Commando Helmet:
Sculpted and Rendered in ZBrush / ZB Redshift:


This is so cool - I’ve recently sculpted a version of the Grand Inquisitor and printed him in about 1/6 scale. Here are some pics!


@Brad_Groatman This is outstanding. Thank you for posting and welcome to the community

Here’s my take on Cad Bane and Grogu from The Mandalorian


Thanks Paul!

@georgekuz Yes!! This is great stuff. Thank you for posting and welcome to the community.

Of course. Thank you again for posting.

Beautiful work @Brad_Groatman !!!

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So cool!Great work and I definitely love the Grogu!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

hello anyone can help me how to submit my artwork for star wars Zbrush May 4th 2023

What an awesome challenge! I’d love to take part if I get the time- otherwise here’s some older Star Wars fan art of mine (all sculpted in ZBrush, rendered in Keyshot). Good luck everyone!


did some sketches half year ago, while rewatching star wars clone wars. brillian serial! love it so much.
here some of my fav characters: cad bane & Su (minor character)


Hello @3Danimation . You just need to click on the little arrow that is turning towards the left. Type what you’d like to say and click/drag your images into the open area.

So when you were writing your first post here. In the black area below the text you would drag your images into that area.

Let me know if you still can’t get it

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@mooncactus great pieces. Thank you for sharing.

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@bruhliot These are great. Thank you for sharing and welcome to the community.

Hello I have created an amazing creature inspired by the Star Wars universe, I wanted to give it my own artistic touch.

Details: The creature has an alien appearance, with exotic anatomical features that make it look like a creature from another world. Its skin is deep blue with intricate geometric patterns, giving it a mysterious and captivating look. Her large, bright eyes have an intense blue hue.


@Frank2L Welcome to the community. thank you for posting. This is outstanding. Looking forward to see more from you.

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