Stan, The Man


Stan, The Man

Last month I started teaching private online classes on Artistic Portraiture and Stan Winston was my pick for that class. My plan is to start and hopefully get pretty close to finished with a brand new model every month. I can’t call this done yet, because there are still many areas that bother me and need work, but I need to shelf it for now, because my June class just started yesterday and I will be focusing on my next portrait for the next month.

I call it “Artistic Portraiture” because the intention here is to rescue and appreciate manual labor when it comes to digital sculpting, as a way to pay tribute to those masters of the practical effects, with absolutely no use of scans, photos as textures, commercial alphas and brushes, etc. The entire face was hand sculpted and polypainted by hand in ZBrush using HD geometry. Pores were placed either one by one or using an array of them to speed things up. The pore brush was also sculpted manually and then transformed into alpha/brush.

ZBrush used for all sculpting and painting. Maya/Arnold used for rendering. Groomed with Maya’s XGen.

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ZGrab3 ZGrab4 ZGrab5 ZGrab6 ZGrab7

ZGrab1 ZGrab2


The attention to detail on the material/surface/rendering level is really impressive. Skin textures great, tiny hairs on the nose, and the mouth has a disturbingly realistic level of moisture.

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Beautiful work kris

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I can’t stop scrolling up and down wondering what I am looking at here. Is this digital sculpting? Fantastic work! Almost unbelievable actually : )

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Great work :+1:

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Antropus, do you also cover texturing in zbrush in your class or just the modeling and sculpting process? Man that’s some amazing works!!!

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Yes! I cover modeling, lighting, texturing, shading and grooming.


Thank you, good sir!


Pretty sure they need a new shelf above top row to put these on, stella work mate, keep em coming!

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Spectacular stuff. Thanks for sharing. I expect to see pumpkin head, t-rex and predator next.

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Still not as strong as your meme game in fb, but pretty good, Kris. :wink:

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So freaking amazing men!! You just keep getting better every time! this one is really impressive, incredible work!!

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all process part is amazing but what a part is completely in another level is rendering, how did u get that? <3


Awesome Kris! Congratz once again! So natural and realistic, it’s all there!