Stagger breaking with inherited SubTools

Stagger is awesome I already added to my workflow and I cannot live without it. But there is a bug with inherited Subtools, when changing the Target Stage or Home Stage.

Being more specific, this is the workflow I follow.
I usually create a new geometry within a Subtool and use Split, and the positions of the Stagger are inherited to the new Subtool which is cool, you can still Switch Stage and it is working. But if you want to change the Target Stage or Home Stage alone it breaks the other Stage. If you change both Stages is still ok, but when you change only one the other one breaks.

Hey @xabi_sevi . Welcome to the forum!

Yes the stager is amazing. You may have seen that others are having issues too.
If you found a workflow that works consistently, please share.
Still hoping someone from Pixologic sheds light on this.

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Could this be the issue:

“Note: the Home and Target can be reset by turning the buttons off and on again. Be sure that if you do this the topology for each stage is the same.”

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Well, makes sense. It is true that the geometry is different since the first Stage was done… It would be nice if they could reset that after you Split a Subtool. It is the first iteration of this feature so let’s see if they fix it in future updates.
Thanks for your reply