"Split Hidden" not working


I’m working on a Terror Bird model and I want to turn the lower beak into a subtool.

I selected it with SHIFT + CTRL + ALT, and it’s hidden but when I go to the Subtool - Split menu, “Split Hidden” is greyed out.

If I try to re-Dynamesh the model, clicking and dragging off-model with Ctrl does nothing. Clicking the Dynamesh button on and off brings the hidden beak back as a masked area, which I still can’t split off.

What am I doing wrong?

Hello @DKTechGirl ,

There’s not enough information here for me to identify your problem, and Split Hidden is working for me without issue. It may be there is something problematic with the mesh you are working with. Do any other of the split functions like “Split Masked” allow you to split that section of geometry?

To make sure we are on the same page as to how this function works, here are the shortcuts for hiding geometry. Split hidden requires some portion of the polygons be hidden in this manner:


Otherwise, if you’d like us to look into this at greater depth, please contact Pixologic Support and start a conversation.

Thank you!

Hi Spyndel,

Everything under Split is masked out (I’ve included a screenshot). As I said I hid the lower beak by Shift +Ctrl + Click, started to drag the lasso tool around and then held down Alt to hide the selection.

Unclicking Dynamesh turns the selected area into a mask and everything under Split is still greyed out.

As you can see this is fairly early into the blocking in of the form. I didn’t import this from anywhere - I started it as a Zsphere armature directly in Core.

Hi @DKTechGirl ,

There is an update available for ZBrush Core. Please be sure to pick that up.

One possible explanation I see is that your mesh has been created from a ZSphere.

Have you created a new skin for the ZSphere with Tool> Adapative Skin> Make Adaptive Skin? Or are you attempting to split geometry from a ZSphere in adaptive preview mode (does pressing A return the mesh to a ZSphere)?

If you are attempting to do the latter, that would result in what you are seeing. You must first convert a ZSphere to a skin before you can work with most other of ZBrush’s functions on it.

Hi Spyndel,

I updated to the newest version and then checked if I was still in Preview mode. That turned out to be the problem.

It sucks because now I’ve lost the blocking in, but I have tested turning the lower beak into a subtool and it is now working.


Hi @DKTechGirl ,

If you attempt to switch out of preview mode (a) for a ZSphere that has been sculpted on while in preview mode, it should give you the option to Create a Polymesh 3d for it. This would create a new skin based on the sculpting in the tool menu.

Are you not seeing this?

No, it just switched back to the plain zsphere armature. I didn’t get any sort of warning or polymesh option.

It’s OK. I’m just happy it is working now.