Spikelets Gold Ring. Sculptural Jewellery

Spikelets Gold Ring - 3D Rendering

Elegant openwork ring with fine detailing in the form of spikelets.

Spikelets Gold Ring - 3D model in ZBrush


Very elegant indeed! Great work

I’m glad people like this ring. Actually my wife came up with the idea of this ring, so I think she will also be pleased if we get a couple of good reviews on the ZBrush forum :slight_smile:

Hi @MonacoFelice, very impressive.
Can you give me an idea how to realize the ornamentals / details on surface?
Or did you sculpt it manually with symmetry?


Whether or not to use symmetry depends on the task. If the pattern is symmetrical, then of course I use symmetry, which can be disabled in the final stage to add unique touches to the ornament details, which will make it more alive and similar to the hand-made.

I always paint decorative elements from scratch. If this is a reference provided by the customer, then I use it as a background/base on which to draw a mask. Then I adjust the mask to my liking and compare with the reference. I raise the relief to the required height and make the details a separate object. And then I work on the details.

I almost never make a low polygonal base for decorative elements. I prefer to create decorative elements in a similar way to reality - as a stucco of clay, or wood carving.
I use the basic model in ZBrush as a piece of clay from which I create whatever I want.

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