Spiderman Classic Figure



Private project of a 3D figure of Spider-Man with a classic suit on an antenna of a building, designed for a 1/4 scale.


For this 3D figure, we sculpted a classic Spider-Man with interchangeable heads and hands, following the references provided.

The 3D figure is placed on a base with an antenna, which had to be of a size and thickness strong enough to support the weight of the Spider-Man figure, not split when produced, and not bend over time.

After finding the desired pose and defining the main volumes of the antenna, we work on the anatomy, trying to highlight the classic suit with a clean design.

For the high-resolution detail of the suit, it was necessary to split the body into different meshes in order to create many polygons that would support the texture of the red part of the suit, created with the NoisePlug tool from Surface Noise.

The lines of the 3D figure suit were painted in black on the white mesh to later convert them into polygroups that we cut to create a mesh with a thickness that can be subtracted with Live boolean from the original suit. In this way, we were able to add color and modify the lines to achieve the final result.

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