Spider Verse diorama

Hi everyone, I want to share my latest work , 3 sets of diorama of spider verse
I sculpted these in zbrush and render them in Keyshot. A very fun project and of course can only be done with the help of zbrush !
This is a statue/collectibles concept sculpt. The composition, size, and pose are maximized to be produced as collectibles.
Hope you like them and I’m sorry for heavy images !

First is the combined scene

Spider Man vs Green Goblin

post 01a
post 02a

Spider Gwen ( Ghost Spider ) vs Venom

Miles Morales vs Carnage

Thanks for looking!



WoW! GREAT flow!!! each character better than the other! Thanks for sharing Marthin :muscle:

Wow. That’s a set that would look awesome sitting together on a mantlepiece.

Awesome! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: congrats!

These are fantastic and the just how each piece tells it’s story!
Great job!

@Jaime : thanks so much! will share more, when I do more :wink:

@aurick : thanks a lot matthew!

@RamonCubiles : thanks mate!

@Ian_R : thank you Ian!

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Really great work! Venom for the win…Green Goblin looks so creepy! :heart_eyes: