Spider man

Hey all
these are a images of a Spider man model I have been working on

![Spider man pole dance.3|1000x1000]
Spiderman_PoleDance_02 Spiderman_PoleDance_03 Spiderman_PoleDance_04 Spiderman_PoleDance_05 Spiderman_PoleDance_06 Spiderman_PoleDance_07 Spiderman_PoleDance_08 Spiderman_PoleDance_09 Spiderman_PoleDance_10 Spiderman_PoleDance_11 Spiderman_PoleDance_012 Spiderman_PoleDance_013


wow how did you create this fiber cloth detail

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With Micro poly

Hey good try but the main problem is it looks like spider girl not spiderman. Spiderman is extremely athletic superhero can’t look like a girl while pole dancing. Specially the waist and ass is incorrect. Make it manly and it’s good to go.

Holy crap I can’t stop laughing, funniest thing is, this is within spiderman’s character! :smiley:

haha, this is so good.

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