speed sculpting massacre

Hi guys!
me and some of my friends had obtained the habit to speedsculpt different stuff every day during one hour. Every week we have single theme for all speed sculpts.
I can’t say that this models will hit you in the face with their coolness but it may be fun to watch anyway. All comments and critique are welcome.


goblin alchemist(1hr)




Hi everyone. Some of my speed sculpts. Also 1 hr per sculpt.

Great work as always bro. Nice to see you over here too!

Oh Hi! thanks man! and btw stay tuned i’am planning to upload some stuff from the speeds on the daily basis

2 Insania Hi Pasha don’t forget to post the theme of the sculpts


same face in keyshot

Hi folks!
Theme “Alien head” 1 hour speed sculpt and 10 minutes compose in photoshop.

very good job
a suggestion for the cyclops
a hug


2 Insania good job with this one don’t forget to post your progress here

2 PFC666 Lol yeah good one…will suit him perfectly

hecatoncheir Briareos
hecatoncheir Briareos


interesting speed sculpts, congrats

Hi. Another one 1 hour speed sculpt. Theme “Organic weapon”. Cheers.

Interesting “organic weapon”, but it also looks very similar to the Collector Assault Rifle from Mass Effect 2:


If you played the game, no doubt it was a subconscious influence. If you haven’t, then GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!!1!

Thanks for comment TheArtMonkey.
But I’m really not play in Mass effect and also I’m not a big fan this game.
May be I saw this concept early somewhere in web and some general shapes remained in the my subconscious.
Cheers :slight_smile:

2 TheArtMonkey i cant’s say it’s similar the concept is different Insania’s gun has an eyes and teeths and all that kind of stuff it’s like a creature of some kind and the gun from ME is purely technical general shapes are also pretty different

insect head macro sculpt 1hr

Very nice insect :+1:

Insane work for 1hr sculpts!

Crashmgn as also amazing stuff. Really like your insect sculpt and render. Keep it up.

And my 1 hour speed sculpt “Goblin Alchemist”

Coolness in here, seems like you guys are having fun!
Keep it up

2 MattSkinny yeah!! we are! LOL

2 Mouthrax thanks but my point is to show some ideas to develop imagination and stuff

Rhinoceros beetle (1hr)

dust mite (1hr)

zombie nazi 1hr