Spectacular Entry - Leviathan

Hi this is my first post on zbCentral, thought i’ll share my entry for the Spectacualr challenge.

Title: Leviathan

My image depicts a spectacular whale hunting scene. Following the lines of “excites and scares at the same time” I thought a traditional whale hunt would be the perfect topic. It seemed impressive to me that man would risk their lives taking on massive powers of giant whales in extreme weather conditions. With my image I tried to capture a moment of great danger and the bravery of the traditional whalers.

This image was made using zbrush, max and photoshop.

I hope you’ll like it, comments are most welcome :slight_smile:leviathan_final.jpg

You’ve definately captured what you set out to, this is a truley inspirational work, when I first saw it I got shivers all over my body.

Brilliant piece of work :smiley:

Awesome. I wouldn’t know where to start !!

" Looks like a winner to me" …at least on this forum ! …its truly spectacular !
I guess the whale is done with Zbrush…what is made in Max and what did you do in photoshop ?


:smiley: That is really really really good… how did you make the water splash? is that simply painted on the canvas?

Great great great work!!!You rock dude!!!

Only one thing…the Leviathan was a Giant Sea snake of Justice!?Or I’m wrong?
Anyway this was not important…The work rocks!:+1: :+1: :+1:



Hey! nice work! Really great but i suggest u add some slightly fog on the water surface! will make it more dramatic :slight_smile:

Great image but i think your whale anatomy may be off, is the whale not supposed to have upper teeth? and something seems strange about the eye, too bulgy perhaps, and its fins are small triangles, i don’t believe that they are like that in reality. it could use some more scratches and maybe barnicles.
the men in the boat seem to not be integrated with the whale, maybe more water splashing down in the foreground over the top of them. lastly i’d think it might make a stronger image if the whales eye was open and looking at them.

Great image you created there. I like the lighting and composition!! :+1:

Aboslutly awsome, and wonderfull…

Could you post some shoots of the lelemts done in max and zbrush?

Wondefull picture…

veryvery cool - would be cool to see his eye though. :+1:

Muy buena. Creo que un animal tan grande desplazaría más agua y quedaría más espectacular.:+1: :+1: :+1:

yeahman, that’s truly HEAVY:+1: :+1:

magnifique !!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

the fog would be cool :]

:+1: wonderfull work!!!bravo!!!

can we see wireframes of all the models?

What a FIRST image! Although this is your first posted image, you’ve obviously been doing this for a while. It was previously stated about seeing the wireframe, but I’ll go a little further and would like to see images from your work flow. It would be instructive to show where you used ZBrush.
Congradulations on a job well done!

Wow I didn´t see this entry on CGTalk, it is spectacular!

Congratulations !

Impressive image but my sympathies are with the whale and not the whalers