Spawn I created for Comicon 2014, unfortunately I did not finish it in time due to moving cities and all the things that comes with that…

Here are some images of the Final and some process images:


Hope you like it guys, cheers!






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Beautiful sculpt!

A Spawn WIP… Awesome! I was a Spawn fan growing up and have been wanting to do one for awhile now.

Anyway… looking fab, nice work!

Great work!

looking so cool. i like the skin details:+1:

looks better and better, i almost had an heart attack while i was loading this page, good eye for details :smiley:

Really cool sculpt and final image

Nice work:+1:

Hey Starkie, I didn’t know you were on here - I follow you on Instagram under the name CrackPanda! Now I can see your work in much greater detail. :slight_smile:
Looks even cooler now. I really like the detailing on the hands and chest. Great render too - nice moody lighting. I’ll be sure to follow your updates on here now.

Thanks a lot guys! and awesome chimz!

nice work mister C. :smiley: