Hey everybody love the new forum style… I am currently working on a sculpt based on my favorite comic guy… SPAWN… I made a quick clay render in vray of where I am at the moment. Still lots to do in details of the armor, cape, need to add some chains etc etc. And of course make the pose more cool!.. any tips and critiques would be more than welcome.



Really looking great. Can’t wait to see all the details on him.

So damn good!!

That is sick Andre! Awesome time hanging with you guys last night, thank you for having me.

love spawn,
love the violator,

Thanks guys! still not done ofcourse… :smiley:

Wicked!! About time I saw a Spawn sculpt around here! Nice work! Did you start from a zbrush body or from scratch?

Good work mate, nice sculpt …

really nice work. I’m not big spawn fan, but this made me stop and take a look. Really look forward to the finished sculpt!

Great work! :+1:

beutiful sculpt and render andre

Thanks guys!.. Update comming soon.

@japetus I started from scratch

Your pose and anatomy looks solid ! Awesome work

Thanks man :slight_smile: A small update working on some more details and had some fun with the cape and chains.


Really nice model! I love how the sharp details ride the anatomy.