-Spawn- The Gunslinger

Seems like all the cool kids are posting their Comicon entries here. So I will too, I wanna be cool too :slight_smile:

Here’s two of my submissions to the contest, will post more when photobucket stops missbehaving :frowning:

Winning Pose

Beauty Poses

The high poly source, done almost exsclusivly in ZB3. Would done more detailing in Z-brush if weren’t for the 1k texture restriction.

Gunslinger High Poly

Peacemaker High Poly

Stunning work El Scorcho, he looks just like a high-poly model! The different materials come across really clearly too. Look forward to seeing some Zbrush wip shots, if thats possible :smiley:

Looking great, one of best entries. Actually this one and the predator for “theerapol” is the favourites for me. Keep posting your great work. Congrats