Spawn Statue | Kfir Merlaub Art

Hi everyone!

It has been a little while since I posted work here. And I would love to share my latest personal project:

A digital statue inspired by the Spawn 1997 film.
Spawn’s appearance as performed by Michael Jai White (in costume)
Sculpted in Blender and Zbrush
Animated and rendered in Blender’s Cycles render engine.

Would love to hear what you guys think!
Thank you!

For the Animation Video:









oh man, really amazing !!!

Are you still sculpting in blender or have you made the switch now? Your work was always awesome especially when you did the real-time render of blender sculpting!

Man, i love this, all of it, the pose, the model, details, texctures, color, render, looks amazing. Congrats :smiley:

Thanks so much guys! Very much appreciated :slight_smile:

@OldSalty: I sculpt initially in Blender to set the scene and make sure everything is ready for ultrahighers that only Zbrush can offer. So currently I reach about 5 Million points in Blender and then move to Zbrush to continue sculpting, generally up to 100 Million points or so. Then I reduce the model and bake the textures before returning to Blender to make the renders.

Dang, sorry, thought I had replied here. Any who, love the sculpt. I have seen other great Spawn sculpts up here in past years, have to say, this is right up there with them. Love the pose, look, colours, and details. Awesome work! Also, checked out the video, very cool choice of music for your presentation!

That work is stunning. Will this be a kit that you sell or just a personal piece for yourself?