Space Helmet

Hi all :smiley:

This is my first post here and I hope you like it.

It’s a recent project done for the monthly challenge on The Gnomon Workshop forums the theme was: Space Helmet.

My inspiration come from works of Vitaly Bulgarov, Vang Cki, Mike Nash, sy fy universe like prometheus or military like James Cameron

I had only one week to create this concept, for me the most efficient choice was to use dynamesh. It was my really first project with it and it’s very awesome to work without any problem of topology. :+1:

Vray is used for rendering various passes and different materials, they permit to help me in photoshop to make a more realistic image in a short time.




awesome man. love it… keep up the great work and keep on sharing it :slight_smile:

damnnnn great!

Excellent! Very cool concept helmet.

yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!! ssoo cool man!

Very nice hard surfs!
I think the only crit is one of presentation, where I would love to have had a rendered look at all sides textured and painted along with your unpainted turn-a-round!

Bad ass! Reminds me of Metal Gear Solid style, very into it. Great job!

so much love on concept design and zbrush work. great detail :slight_smile:

great design! Bad ass!

I love this sooo much. I cant believe this hasnt had top row yet

fantastic! I love the design.

really love it! good job :slight_smile:

the helmet and the render is very nice! good work!

Wow really nice sculpt! :smiley:

Welcome to ZBrushCentral mate:)
Great start with your great hard surface space helmet, it is looking great and very creative and a overall clean sculpt aswell!:+1:
Definantly keep it going and looking forward seeing more from your work and ideas.
Happy sculpting,

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

Very great work nice hard surface details keep it up !

Thank you all !

@Koro: I would like to texture all my views but not enough time in the challenge. I will try next time.
@tobbeo: Yes Deepthroat inspired me in MGS.
@KC-Production: Thank, i will continue experiment more hard surface techniques in Zbrush, It gives me the most liberty in shape creation.

Below are all the passes in order to create the final render in photoshop.

This is a great model. Well done! I love the realistic assembly of parts and positioning of the smaller details like the nut and bolts. Great stuff.

Nice sculpt.