Space Coffee

Hi, my new personal work : Space coffee


Zero G explorative hair :+1:

This is fantastic, and the final piece has a really nice painted look.

RAD!!! Zero G space coffee :rocket: Beautiful illustration @CrazyJN :slight_smile:

Beautiful work @CrazyJN ! The presentation is great! :clap:

:grin: Thanks! Boozy

Thanks, spynedel !

Thank you! Jaime

Thank you!TAWATA

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Very cool piece. Thanks for posting.

This is amazing!

What a great work! Love the shape and colour you made/


Ahaahahah, awesome!

Thanks! Pixopaul.

Thanks! Xiao.

Thanks! Artofcharly.

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holly, that is great =O

I really liake this!!!

:laughing: 期待你的太空妹

Awesome work! Didi you have to decimare or retopo to go from zbrush to render on EVEE? Retopo, UVS, etc involved?