Sour Tooth

Rough draft 130,000 polys

The clavicles are too big.

You have over a million polys but, you could do the same thing with 100,000 polys. There is no reason to go up so high if you don’t need the detail, and with a decent base mesh you could easily achieve that in 1/5th of the poly count.

The number of polys in your model does not correspond to the quality or detail of the model, in fact the low poly count you can achieve with awesome results the better.


Oops, a lil typo there. It is actually at 130,000 polys.
Thanks for the clavicle advice.

…indeed! :smiley:

Here is the low mesh to high diagram

looking good amigo

Thanx for the comments guys

Heres just a lil update. Dont focus on eyes too much. They are put there just for reference.


Still WIP, but here it is:


I thought the previous eyes look more ‘natural’ as I can’t picture a perfectly round iris on that elongated eye. It also made him look more insane. But that’s just me. Also the teeth. I’d make them the same color as the eyes. Maybe a tint darker. Again… just a suggestion. No Idea how id would really look if you did it. Any way, great character!

Ahh well, if it looks more insane then my mission is accomplished. My goal is to make him this evil insane character. I am in the process of changing the teeth and re-texuring him. I am hoping to add half of the body with his arm sticking out holding a main object, which will not be revealed yet.

Thanks for looking.

Reminds me of the Noid…Good works .
P.S. Please give it a mullet… of FIRE! :+1: METAL

Ok guys, due to UV problems, I wanted clean unoverlapping UVs, so I decided to re-sculpt this guy. His nose is more of a zombie, his skin is burned and wrinkly. So here he is without texture for now.
DivideandRender, I had the same idea with fire on the head. This resculpted model will suit it better.

Hello…I like the lighting and coloring on this model! Im still learning the facets of ZB, can you enlighten me to your lighting set-up and how you came to get that look on your texture?:smiley:

I havent put a texture on him yet. It’s basically tweaking materials and your light setup. I used Antropus’s method.

Check out this tutorial

Textured and rendered in ZBrush.

…i like the bright coloring.:+1:

Haha crazyyyyyyyyyy!

Thanx guys.