Some zombies, a cow, a crab and other silly things

Hi everyone,

I’ve been been reading posts here on Zbrushcentral for a few years now but have never posted or shared any of my work. I think its a bit more cartoony than the usual Zbrush central stuff so I’d be curious to hear what the community thinks of it.

For the record, I am a story and character designer by trade. But all of my professional work is done with a pencil or a brush. So I am more of a traditional 2d guy and really only started tinkering with 3D about two years ago, though I have been in the industry and surround by it for years. I was a hold out until Zbrush won me over :slight_smile:

So here you go, here are some turn arounds in various states of completion from the last few months. I’d love to hear your thoughts.



The Girl in the Pink Pajamas


Doggie Dog

Zombie John


Herman the Hermit Crab




Really awesome work! A ton of personality.

Pleaaaase tell me these are Zbrush renders! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome stuff! The dog and the girl in pink pijamas are my favs :slight_smile:

This are so grate! :cool: loving them all

very cool stuff characters, so natural pose of the little girl ¿how do you do the hair, everything was done in Zbrush? pretty awesome to be your first post. cheers! i want to see more of your 3D progress

Yeah, all the rendering is in Zbrush. The new render filters are really fantastic I use them all the time now.

No not everything was done in Zbrush. But all of the creative work certainly happened there. For example with the dog and the hermit crab I built a quick base mesh in maya but did the other 98% of the work in zbrush. I do use goz a lot though and hop back and forth to tweak little things all the time. I also find it useful to have a model open in multiple apps in case one crashes. I have a bad habit of not saving all the time and this sometimes saves me.

The two zombies are the exception at 100% Zbrush. I’m in love with dynamesh. Its the greatest cheat in the book if you ask me and really speeds up the creative process. Those two sculpts only took about a night of work each thanks to it.

The hair was a paint effects cluster of grass that I converted to polygons, goz’d and then squash, stretched and duplicated some fifty times in Zbrush. I probably could have done the same thing with Zsphears but I wanted the crinckled look and I knew I could easily tweak a grass brush in maya to get that effect. Anyways, i found the move elestic brush to be your best friend with this sort of thing because it doesn’t stretch the individual tubes. It took a while for me figure that one out. To be honest though the hair looked pretty bad before it got painted. Turns out good old fashioned painting goes a long way to selling the 3d effect.

good work …keep it ip bro

Ahh, well I am even more impressed then! Any chance you can go over your render/lighting set up for the girl a little? The turntable has a very professional look, and being able to not have to take my characters into Maya for that would be a huge time saver!