Some works

Hi all, here are some work that I made in my free time. Just a quick fanmade create in the last two week ends. Just Zbrush and Photoshop for the compositing.






This is the Zbrush project of the model I presented for the “Beast” contest of Polycount.



Other images:

Speed Sculpt of an old and fat witch. Then I realize that looks like a realistic version of Madam Mim!
it takes 8 hours of work. All done in Zbrush and a little bit of Photoshop for the final compositing.

nice expression … good job;)

Wow, why are you not on TR yet? You are incredibly detail oriented. Amazing work!

Thank you guys!
This is a WIP of another character I’m working on: Trying to practise on my likeness skills. the characters is Jamie Fraser from the series Outlander. I’m still trying to make the model looks like the actor. I need to do a couple of modifications but I want to share the work since now:

Here you could find a better resolution images:

Study of anatomy in motion.
I tried to capture the climax moment during a grand jetè executed by th etoille Roberto Bolle.
Post comp in Photoshop inspired by the art of Pascal Blanché.
Artwork entirely done in Zbrush.