Some works for practice..

Hi there, I´m new in the forum and I like show some of my personal works.

Here´s the latest one: … hope you like it. :slight_smile:





Cool. ZBrush Render?

This is fantastic work… very interesting piece here. I do have a question though. The wrist looks like it would not have any articulation other than to work like a hinge, and with the elbow already working as such, it looks like it would greatly reduce the unit’s function and use as a nurse or aide. That is unless the forearm is able to rotate, in which case that makes this a non issue. No disrespect intended, just pointing out my observation and concern.

Have a blessed day,

Hey, thx for comments!
Its rendered in Octane.

And yes … her functionality is restricted :slight_smile:
At some parts its just a brainless designpiece.

Really nice panel work :slight_smile: I like how she still has a sexyness to her ^^

Cool rendering. Love al the dirty details. And the design.

Great design, very feminine and rad!

The renders are so beautiful! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

This is wonderful and comes at the worst time, I WAS going to stop making robotic stuff for a bit!
So much for that!
Absolutely gorgeous, I love the expression and I agree with everyone else, the renders make this look totally real.


Lovely Design and Render :slight_smile:

It’s incredible, I love the design, modelling and rendering. Great piece!

hey … here´s a little bust to practice a toony hairstyle. Its still a bit too detailed… but… we´ll see




thx! … here´s another toony-hair-test. Its “Weekly” from the “Blacksad”-comicbooks.



I’ve just seen almost the same bust in a comic store today. Nice job

Very clean shapes. Good Job.
I like especially the inside of his jaked.

Hi … this is based on a sketch I made a few weeks ago.
Rendered in Octane.




Das gefällt mir sehr ! Klasse Posing und sehr gut modelliert !


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gorgeous. very beautifull. hope we’ll see other vues.

Love the feel!