some texture and light tests


Hi Kaz,
i like your lights :+1: :+1: :+1:


A strong sense of place - lighting and texture tests are a success!
(the perspective helps a lot!)


nice work kaz!

windows on the left side are out of perspective:cry: (so are stairs - but maybe it was intention) and wooden block has weird stretched texture, but lightning and everything else is very NICE. cool concept:eek:

was it textured after turned into pixols, or in full 3D mode with PM?

A render with nice perspective…that’s something you don’t see every day, in Zbrush i mean…:smiley:
good warm colors and " petrified wood" material…the only problem in Zbrush is
the way material-maps & surface bump maps tile on the canvas …they don’t follow the object as in a procedural material.


Other vision of ZB. Nice work and interesting lights.

Yes, Kaz always make this beutiful scene and is a perspective master too¡¡¡
Thanks for share your wonderful art¡
Have a very good new year

Hey, thanks.

I guess you can call this a “Finger Painting” of sorts. I did it on my laptop with no mouse. Just the touch pad, so…

Textures - they were painted on afterwards. The material is Basic Materal 2 with modifications and a little color bump added. The texture I painted on seemed to work well to give it some “feel” I will do better whith how its painted on next time… No Projection Master. Not how I will do it for finished work, but it served well here.

Perspective - Everything placed with Global Perspective Draw>Shift-Click Persp), my preference. The fact that its off in spots is kinda intentional. If Perspective worked well without thought or planning, I probably would have made it spot on. In this case, I did not concern myself too much with it. Actually, in the finished work I have planned, of which this test is for, the perspective will be off a bit for atmosphere. ZB actually helps in this regard.

Thanks for the feedback.