Some SC2 Heart of the Swarm arts

hey guys I was able to work on an amazing project called heart of the swarm, I used zbrush alot and wanted to share some of the stuff i used zbrush for. thanks for viewing
this sculpt was started from zspheres
this one multiple people worked on, i was only responsible for the model and texture of the leviathan. Jesse Brophy made the star field, and Luke Mancini (mr jack) did a gorgeous everything pass to it to make it so cool.
i was given a concept by blizzard for this as a job test. but alot of the parts on the concept weren’t fleshed out and needed to be elaborated on. so i did alot of the concepting for these tech pieces in zbrush.
this is a low poly leviathan with texture, i did a base texture on this in zbrush then finished in photoshop.
sculpted this ugly thing from zspheres :stuck_out_tongue:
this was done entirely from zspheres to end sculpt

thanks for viewing!

folio - http://jdeangelis.cghub.com/images/view:simple/








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wow…simply fantastic, good luck for your future works
Amazing stuff.

I hear blizzard only hires the best, and you, sir or madam, fit the job description. Simply amazing work :+1:


Sweet! Thanks for sharing. -S

WOW! Amazing works! MOAR!;]

I gonna say WOW!top row absolutely,joe55! StarCraft2 is amazing,Blizzard is an epic.

In-game Leviathan High Res Sculpt? How many polys, how you get the details,normal map,displacenment map,just model,or something?

would you mind more?

Thank you.

Finally something created for Blizzard found it’s way to Zbrush central! Great work!

Well, I don’t think I have to tell you this really, but you are pretty awesome :+1:

Loving how the Leviathan is design and sculpted! Looking great on the details! Wonder is it a ‘‘Mothership’’ for the Zerglings or some other creatures :bulb: Cool stuff!

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Portfolio - www.kenlim84.daportfolio.com
Blog - http://amazingbeggars.wordpress.com/
Reel - https://vimeo.com/54710483

very cool stuff Joe!

Fantastic work Joe!

Nice Joe! gratz on top row =)

Amazing job! Thanks for sharing, hopefully there’re more to come :slight_smile:

Amazing models~ ! thank you for sharing!!

Kickass sculpting man! Really enjoying the game Art

Awesome - congrats!

thanks LVXIFER haz3y GavinW Rusnar siyukalebtao Santis cherub_rock Santis lt_ken84 Capital_G Loomineel SolidSnakexxx _Orb and D@ve!!!
siyukalebtao to respond to your question, i honestly dont remember ill have to go back and check the file for exact #s when i get a chance.
and thanks magdalena and jason, your guys’ stuff is the BEST

I want the art book!

Saw it in the top row and immediately knew what it was for.
Awesome game!
and of course awesome work!