Some of the CGI works I have done in the past few years

Hi guys,

I have been worked in a graphics studio in London for the past few years. It has been a great experience for me. We used Zbrush a lot as well. Some of the works that I have included here were done at Douglas fisher Studio and I did the Modeling, Rigging, posing, hair and texture painting part on them. In some cases I was in charge of shading and a little bit of lighting as well. But the rest ( like photography Lighting, rendering and retouching, etc) was done by the other members of the team. the rest of the stuff here were done in my spare time and I did the whole thing from start to finish.

I hope you like my works and comments are most welcome.

Brian. I did the modeling and texture painting and hair for this character. Also worked on the shading a bit.

This is him in another pose.

I did the 3D modeling and texture painting work on the Neuron crack.

Here is the a close up of the same CGI image

Workers hand.
This is a work that we did for the Museum of London.
I was in charge of modeling and texture painting on the hand and most of the objects for the environment including the wood planks and such.

here is a close up of the same CGI work

I hope you like them and comments are most welcome.








Oh Goodness!

This is so amazing! I love it the model everything ! Really impressive !

Thanks for sharing!


really praise worthy, The zombie and the hand are outstanding, as for the crack on the ground i just thought that was a photograph…Amazing! :+1:

Please look at the stuff above as well as its a collection of my works!

I hope you like them and comments are most welcome. Thanks a lot!


Those faces are REALLY REALLY awesome.

Wow! Very realistic work! No more could say that a novice like me, but I would like some tutorial from you to get a little closer to that level. :wink:

very Professional. impressive works

Superb work.:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Um, WOW!. Great work. There are lifetimes in their eyes. That is hard to pull off.

Wow that is amazing!! Should be in the top row…

Scary good! That man’s face pretty much leaps the uncanny valley. Can you review the programs that you used for the portraits please?

B.e.a.utiful work! most impressive! I think I smell a toprow coming! I’ve seen some of you work elsewhere on the interwebs nice to see it all in one place! fantastic!

Brilliant works! Truly inspiring!



Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate your kind words!