Some new things

Started a new thread for newer stuff.

This is a keyshot render i made from a scanned (stl) 3d printable model from myminifactory.
it’s a sculpture placed in my hometown, Ghent, Belgium.
It represents a Dying Gladiator.

brought in the stl-model with 3dprintexporter plugin, then retopo with zremesher, projection.
rendered in keyshot6 pro for zbrush with the bridge as materialstudy for bronze effect.

left is the original model on its old location, right is where it stands now, middle is render.

Don’t mind my bad English, i am dutch speaking.



nice rendering.

a test with dargelos great terrain tools plugin.
the model here is the lowpoly version (1500 polys) with normalmap applied.
Material is made in Substance Painter.

Rendered with bridge in keyshot pro

Made in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot.

looped with zmodeler (edgemode, polygroup>polyloop)
then an edgeloop with crisp on.
this process is then repeated several times.
rendered in keyshot pro for zbrush.


made with maps from Glenn Patterson’s’s greeblegenerator and surface>noice.


Awesome Stuff. What did the Base Meshes look like before Surface Noise was Added?

It were all very low poly zmodeller meshes.
around 250 polys
i puv them and mirror x
then i did dynamic subdiv with Qgrid.
then i experimented with some of the maps from the old greeble pro pack i made back in r7 in noise interface.
apply dynamic, apply bpr to geo
i then have a model with around 8 mil polygons
decimate to 1.5 milion and render in keyshot with a tweaked plastic white material.

i will post the one i’m working on now with your new fantastic greeble generator.

as promised some pics of the latest i made.
the low poly i make in around 10 minutes with zmodeller brush.
almost all with the qmesh function and inset.

then mirror x, puv, dynamic subdiv and apply the dephtmap from greeble plugin with surface>noise.
I then apply the dynamic subdiv and do bpr to geo.
the model is mostly more then 8 milj polys then.
(here it’s 5 milj)

decimated model

then Keyshot rendering with the bridge.

What’s nice of this workflow is I can do all this in around half an hour per model,
with a whole map of greeblemaps outputted from the plug in.

hope this is a good explanation,
my English is, eh, well.

Cool Thanks! Always like to see the Before and After, they Turned out Awesome.