Some new idea's

Dear Pixologic,

First off let me thank every one who’s ever posted a online tutorial, Thank you very much!
And a special thanks to Pixologic, Marcus and Coders.

I posted a lot of new idea’s on: http://zbrush.ideascale.com

But they seem not affilliated with Pixologic, so i’ll post them again here.

:bulb:New idea’s :

:bulb:Spaced Out Axes
Spacing out the coordinate system(x,y,z) just a tad (I only have my laptop ATM,so selecting the right ax is problemetic sometimes).

:bulb:Custom Graph
Making the graphs also compatible in the custom menu’s.

:bulb:Render Swipe
Making A system for if you render in BPR you get a button to store the screen,then you adjust some parameters en you store your second BPR render with a swipe like the 3DSMax render.
If you snapshot multiple side of your model in the canvas, also make it able to render in BPR (haven’t figured that option out, don’t know if it’s already there)

:bulb:Dual Lazy Mouse Trail Brush
A dual brush setup like a second brush following the primary one,like a lazy mouse trail where at the end of the trail is a secondary brush, so you can Damian Standard with the first one,and the following brush does a pinch or whatever . (both seperate settings, for cool effects)

:bulb:Instant Poly Paint Update
A poly paint setup for directly adjusting the poly paint on the model ,intensity, gamma,blending,hue shifts and inverting polypaint,
without creating a layer for it.

:bulb:3D Volumetrics
A 3D based volumetric system like the one in 3DSMax but 3D based procedural (perlin noise ,tendrils etc,
but then made 3D, Something like this: a procedural noise, sliced, made 3D,offset and welded.(cube)

:bulb:Subtool Pallet
Make the sub tool pallet better by incorporating maps in there, with buttons like add to
file map inside the sub tool pallet, for nesting subtools.

:bulb:Spray Mesh Insert
Spray brush compatible with the Mesh Insert Brush.
With extra options for it,scatter,speed,variance,ect.
And a special Spray Particle brush,
For quick cool particle effects.

:bulb:Angle Mask
Another mask system based on angles (like type in degree stuff).

:bulb:Live Sculpting
A online multiple live sculpt,where more people can sculpt the same object each own have there own
perspective view, like multiple instances of a GOZ model.
A text in the corner when mayor updates and duplicating stuff is happening so also the viewers can
see the buttons pressed,and a master control to accept the changes,and you could make a live view of Top Row Artists in the
Pixologic homepage!
Now you can sculpt online with friends!
Or see some insane team speed sculpting, and painting!

:bulb:Live Sculpt 2
Some new ideas for the live sculpt,
A Instanced GOZ model uploaded in a steaming server complete with multiple fast rendering setups, with presets
so to multiple users already a live rendered version online,
A extra window for all the sculptors to quickly see reference stuff, with options to whiteboard ,that they all can alter,
extra audio link for conversation.

:bulb:Z Glove
For right handed users:
Left hand for moving mesh ,finger contacts for special hotkeys,
right hand:
index finger pointer,middelfinger and thumb pressure sensitive.
and voice controlled menu behavior.

:bulb:A Special Pinch Inflate Brush
After you pinch the mesh,and the mesh is bunched up,a special inflate brush that inflates bunched
up meshes more than equal spaced out surfaces. (topology reading)

:bulb:Duplicate Grab Doc
A nice extra when you grapdoc, it also makes a duplicate one in a new Z folder called “Grab docs” and
timestamps them.
So you don’t have to save them everytime.

:bulb:Volume Special Effect Tube Curves
Lay a couple of curve tubes on the model, and it has presets for: water flowing through them,neon
lights in them, lava effects,bubble flow, particle effects inside the tubes.
Just click on the effect you want and it updates the entire (tube)curve.
And takes in account scale and ZDepth, and animates automaticly on the timeline.

:bulb:Magic Paint
New paint types:
Like glow in the dark paint,glitterpaint,
neon paint,etc with an option for depth (thickness).
And the ultra magic layer paint goo
Spray your model with this magical stuff and you get some crazy effect like glowing dots in
it,electric stuff,alien goo stuff,bubbles,ect preset libary.
That even animates on the timeline.

:bulb:Magic Paint Extra
A extra to the magic goo layer, proximity changes,for morphing effects, hovering with the mouse over the mesh,
changes the layer, or collisions with objects that you can record on the fly.

:bulb:Lazymouse for 2.5D
Compatible lazy mouse for 2.5D Painting.

:bulb:Random Color Insert Animated Mesh Curve
A cool brush that will,have like all types of flowers in it complete with poly paint or texture
information,and have random settings.
Or if the load sequence stuff is ready, it holds animation information in it too.
Draw a curve on surface and it grows colored flowers.
Or incorperate 3D layer animations in a insert mesh brush,so you can have like a flower grow,animate the ends and petals,
and have those inserted meshes still retain there animation information.

:bulb:New Projection
A new projection method for the use with noise pluggin,
for a perfect global effect without stretching on the apex.

:bulb:Z Paintball Gun
A cool paintball gun with options with cool options so you can shoot at your model with mesh
collision for cool dripping effects.

:bulb:Updated Z Paintball Gun
A laser for accurate placement of the paint,Boolean blobs,meshes you shoot at the model:sunglasses:
Why? you might ask… Stress relief! Art director doesn’t like your model,
send a clone version of his “vision” and shoot the hell out of it, in the Z Boolean Gun Carnage section :laughing:

:bulb:Animated Vector Displacement
A cool new format that will ,
Also take in account the 3D layers vector displacement
So you have one file that not only displace with all the undercuts but also has all the animation
stuff in there.(Load Sequence Vector Displacement File)

:bulb:The Ultimate Crazy Mesh Deformer
Take a standard Sphere,and the deformer does:
An overall noise,and has a crazy database with vector displacements that will displace the sphere
with all sorts of instant crazyness like: heads poking out limbs,etc
with phase settings,noise settings, animation settings, poly paint setting based on displacement.

:bulb:Z Multi Skin
A extra option for ZRig to ZSketch to a new Z Multi Skin,
Where you have an option after ZSketching a skin is placed over the ZSketch , that will stretch etc
and can be modified,for like clothing,skin etc,
And a stress test for stress area’s.
That quickly does a deformation (rotation) test, for where the problem area’s are,
And takes in account the mesh collaps, some preset for like: rubber skin,flubber skin, tough leather, skin, ect.

:bulb:Collision Mapping
A cool collision mapping option for 3D planes,
For cool ground effects,etc.

:bulb:Standard and Pro Settings
A standard setting for starters,and a Pro setting, (for if all the options are a bit 2 much for beginners).
Like the setup for sculptris, could be nice to have that exact layout for people.

:bulb:Linked ZRigs for a Poser like database
A preset rigging format with zsperes,that will adept to your own rig like if you have bigger limbs
height etc, and a preset database for animations.

:bulb:ZSphere Naming
The ability to name Z Spheres,and track.

:bulb:Self Illuminating PolyPaint
Self illuminating Poly Paint.

:bulb:ZBP Extra’s
Some extra data for ZBP files, includes used textures and alphas without saving a lightbox file,and
also incorporate the new metadata file for total time :sculpting, poly paint time, UV time, total render
time, and total time end render.

:bulb:Z Picture Grab Screen
A cool pluggin to capture screens ,and adding them directly to light box,and the texture folder.

:bulb:Blur Smooth Sharpen Polypaint
A new setting for overall blurring of polypaint, sharpening,and and blending like the mask options.

:bulb:Curve Elasticity
Extra setting for the curve bend,
some rigid and elasticity settings, for moving the curve.

:bulb:Marked Poly Paint Isolation Gradient
A cool setup when you separate models in pieces: Isolating the polygroups convert to
poly paint,then a script calculates the middle and the edges(maybe does a curve edge,and use that feature) and fills the center to the edge with
gradient,or other cool stuff.

:bulb:Render Adjustments
2 extra buttons one for BG adjustment,and one for stubtool adjusting.
maybe using the mask feature.

:bulb:Gravity Meta Blob Mesh
A cool new mesh that collides with subtools,
for dripping effects, wax, water, slime, presets.

:bulb:Solid Poly Paint by AO and Shadows
A quick poly paint setup to take all sub tools,and filling them with the average color based on AO map and Shadow map.

:bulb:3D Plane to Stencil
A nice addition to the stencil menu ,
Take a plane deform it and use it for a custom wrap stencil complete with all the tiling options etc.

:bulb:Z Projector
A cool invisible projector that you can load in special 2D effect made in like: After Effects and
projecting on the mesh.
also a cilindrical projector would be cool, and sphereical.

:bulb:Poly Paint Baking
A extra option to bake poly paint information per frame ,on the time line.
And seperate material information per frame.
maybe a new filetype not like a animated UV texture map,but polypaint based.

:bulb:Transparency and Image Files Types
More transparency file types compatible, and image files.

:bulb:Alpha Trace
A quick trace option for alphas, like the layer style in PS (for even more custom alpha’s).

:bulb:Global Illumination Paint Brush
A cool Global Illumination painting brush.

:bulb:Quick 2.75D Brush
A quick mesh making brush that has the same behavior as the 2.5 scene brush, but then in edit mode
to quickly paint on the invisible zplane, with separate poly groups if you let go.

:bulb:Speed Attract and Push Brush
A very cool dynamic brush that reacts to speed, then it attracts to the center,end pushes back again
when it comes to close to center.
Or other weird behaviour.

:bulb:Normal Paint
A way to paint with normal textures, and displace.

:bulb:Matrix Brush
A new addition to the brush where you use a square,
and clicking on the square gives you a little dot, and tagging them with a id, each dot can be tweaked for multiple brush

:bulb:Alpha Move
A move brush with alpha support.

:bulb:Lazy Lasso
A lazy mouse setting for the lasso tool.

:bulb:Collapse Recall
Store collapsed menus information ,so you don’t have to keep collapsing your custom menu’s or

:bulb:Multi Selections
Have the sub tool menu behave like windows selecting by shift clicking, and ctrl clicking on them to
select more sub tools.

Meta Data embedded in history
for cool stuff like total time: polypaint,sculpt,UV time,render time, total time end render.

:bulb:Shadow Mask
A mask for shadow areas on the mesh.

:bulb:Light Mask
New mask for light collision on mesh.

:bulb:Morph Mask
A new masking option in conjunction with morph targets,
when you store morph target and displace you have option like,mask by zero displacement,mask by morph

:bulb:New Texture folder in Downloads
A new HDRI unwrap folder for cool lightcap scenes,outdoor,indoor,sci-fy,alien landscapes,etc.

:bulb:Select Edge Ring
Make select ring also compatible,with isolated selections.

:bulb:Perspective Link
A perspective setting:
When you take over the scene perspective.

:bulb:Border Snap
A curve option, like polypaint border snap,and group border curve snap, so when you have 2 poly groups
separated, or 2 polypaint groups separated you can magneticly snap on the borders, and a auto
resolution option so he finds the resolution borders reading the resolution and automaticly place a point
on each vertex, of the separation, and a slider for dialing up or down the curve points.

:bulb:Copying 3D Layers
A way to also incoperate the 3D Layers in a custom menu, they have a unique ID I think,
so I can’t make a custom menu with them,
after the save all layers are treated as one layer.(when you copy empty layers).

:bulb:Morphs for Fiber Mesh and Micro Mesh
Morphs for fiber and micro mesh that you can time line animate.

:bulb:Animateble Texture
Animateble texture for use with the micro mesh and fiber mesh.

:bulb:Clean Poly Paint Trace Option
A way to after you cut you model up in pieces with the slice tool an new option that looks at the
intersecting poly groups, and have like an adjustable traced line overlay, so you can have perfect
insets between the different polygroups.

:bulb:Rotation Limits
Rotation limits for Z Spheres.

:bulb:3D Support on the Pixologic Site
New viewing options to look at all the cool models, with 3D glasses all different types of 3D glasses.

:bulb:Volume Mesh Insert
Pick a mesh and have multiple options to Fill the inside volume of mesh with insert meshes, maybe a array of
meshes, and settings like clump, random, even, and settings based on thickness of the mesh.

:bulb:Vector Topology Masking
Behavior like the topology masking but only for the vector displacement stamps, for quick adjusting.

:bulb:New Style Vector displacement
An addition to vector displacement, but now also incorporate poly paint information even in the
Maybe a new style layered texture map, for the undercuts.

:bulb:Mask Technique for Vector Planes
A zero displacement mask for vector planes to alpha.

:bulb:New Mask
mask by undercuts.

:bulb:New Mask
Mask by specularity.

:bulb:Better Mesh Insert
A better solution for the mesh insert script from Marcus in ZSpheres,
make the behavior like the mesh insert brushes so you have local axes control and deformation
control over the mesh insert to ZSpheres. (haven’t figured that script out yet, so forgive me if i’m doing it wrong)

:bulb:New Deformer
A new deformation mesh deformer with extra´s like aplitude and waveform, perlin noise
A adjustable cage deformer like the one in 3DSMax, would be cool, 2x2 4x4 8x8 (FFD) etc.

:bulb:Extra BG Option
An add alpha and texture option for the BG,
that works with the range center and rate slider,
that don´t get wiped when you ctrl-N.

:bulb:Smart Dynamesh
smart dynamesh for the use with,insert brushes like the limbs etc,
so if you make a high resolution torso add the insert limbs to it
it will first respect the low res topology and adapting to that resolution,and maybe subdividing
after that first initial scan.

:bulb:Animatable 2D Layers
A way to have animateble sequences in layers to use with UV maps and some masking options etc.

:bulb:A new masking option for the use with fibers mesh
A extra option to paint in height with gray scale ,for easy use ,instead of the blurred masked edge,
but poly paint based.

:bulb:UV Master Extra
A new option after unwrapping,
An extra clone that opens and does a trace seem, and make a overlapping blend UV seem, for the previous UV layout.

:bulb:Hold Form Edge Loops
Extra option for when you have hard angles painted on the mesh, when you do a edge loop it better
holds form.

:bulb:Smooth Brush
Making the smooth brush also smooth masks,so you can do some blurring of the mask (local),
Instead of a complete blur.

:bulb:Looping Animation for SubTools
Continuous loop mode for animating subtools.

:bulb:New Projection Method
if you project a mesh to another mesh with holes in it and the projected mesh is solid an option to
make the mesh with holes static so you can further project trough the holes,or vice versa like when
you have a rib cage you make a bigger solid mesh and project it collides with the mesh hold there, then a setting to project even further trough the holes between the ribs for a mummy dry skin effect.

:bulb:Google Textures in Lightbox
Pluggin for the Google textures so you don’t have to leave Z Brush and downloading then with multiple
texture grabbing and automaticly adding them to spotlight.

:bulb:3D Layer System
An extra addition to the layers to work with the 3D glasses
to visually crank up Z Depth.

:bulb:3D Movie Export
Export 3D Movies with different format :red, green,blue, LG format, etc, and other formats, if that is possible.

:bulb:Load Sequence as Alphas
For cool water droplet in water effect etc.

:bulb:Extra Brush Settings
Dynamic brush settings like in PS,
Maybe even a link so you can have the exact behaviour of the PS dynamic brush setting,
Visulisation of the brush and behaviour can be seen in PS.
And a copying the alphas (PS Brush) Could be cool!

:bulb:New Bind
Some new bind to mesh option ,like a hard bind where geometry if fully hard binded to the mesh.
For robots ect, and appending armor and weapons ,so they dont get deformed by the soft bind.
And still follow the main mesh.

:bulb:Texture Wrap
Texture wrap mode to the lightbox texture dial.

:bulb:Reset Standard Brushes
A button to reset standard brushes and the extra one’s in light box to true installed parameters.
And still have your custom menu active.

:bulb:Reset GI
A button to reset Render and GI to true installed parameters.(for if you have customised menu’s,and make mistakes :D)
And still have your custom menu active.

:bulb:Painting Mesh Weights
A ZRig option to paint weights directly on a clone mesh,like with the UV master for nice joint
deformation and an option to see the mesh move while you paint trouble area’s.
And have more comtrol over the bind mesh.

:bulb:Color to Gray Scale
A option for having multiple primary color groups and converting them to gray scale,with an
intensity slider and contrast.

:bulb:SubTool Light Emination
Option to make sub tools eminate light,
and a poly paint baking option for it.

:bulb:Negative Projection
Option for negative projection ,to project inwards.

:bulb:Face Rig
I made some test face rigs with ZSpheres, would be nice if you could put extra animation tool inthere for
like face rigs,or other handy stuff.
that you can attach to the rig forbetter pulling and pushing the bind mesh face muscles etc for even more control.
also a look at function for the eye’s would be cool rotation axes a dummy object system ,maybe a
invisible sub tool following the root Sphere (something simple).
Or how about this: A complete deformable preset face Rig ,with all the expresions in it,phonemes ect,
That you attach to the head ZSphere,is adjustible to place over the head mesh!

:bulb:ZBrush Filters
An option for creating filters per subtool,or poly(paint)groups.
So you can have multiple filter in 1 BPR Render on different poly(paint)groups.

:bulb:Auto Z Sphere Scale
When you create you ZSphere rig,and you do your zsphere sketching an automated option for scaling
all the ZSpheres until they collide with the mesh.

:bulb:Better Refraction and IOR Settings
Better real life IOR settings, for like real life IOR settings you can get from the net.

For if you only have ZBrush to render.

:bulb:3D View in ZBrush
An option for the use of 3D glasses in zbrush with software for the different types.

:bulb:3D Movie Export
Multiple 3D movie format exports, for posting on youtube 3D.

:bulb:Bug Fix Disappearing menu’s
Sometimes when I press my custom macros, after the button is pressed, the menu
disappears, also when you press buttons in preference menu the menu dissapeares,
would be nice if that behavior is fixed, so you don’t have to keep pressing hotkeys or macro’s.

:bulb:New Mask
A new masking option mask by polydensity.

:bulb:Poly Dencity to poly paint
Option Draw poly density to poly paint would be cool.

Adding fonts directly to zbrush,
A menu for installed fonts so you can bypass going out of zbrush ,
maybe in the make 3d menu to quickly make 3D text.

:bulb:Loading avi’s as backgrounds
A option for loading in avi’s etc in the time lime ,for animation and a lightcap update, option would be
nice to work with the effect.

:bulb:Animateble BW gifs as alphas
An option for animatible BW gif’s or other format to use as a live animated alpha for displacement.

:bulb:Live Specular Painting
live Specular maps and normal (vector) maps,
A new Specular texture map option for zbrush for live viewing the specularity.

:bulb:Hue Poly Shift
A Hue poly group shift even when you don’t isolate the model
I sometimes poly group then convert to poly paint then do a mask by hue, would be a nice option so
you can quickly shift hue’s then covert to poly paint mask by hue,
for different extrusion levels.

:bulb:Curve tube volume Fiber
for braiding fibers etc.

:bulb:Transpose Enhancement
A Rotation dial, for visual representation of degrees.

:bulb:Light Enhancements (Post)
Post lightning effects,
some extra features for light setups, like glow effects, lens flares etc per light,
After the BPR pass, that also be affected by the model.

A better solution for dynamesh when,both buttons are pressed (group and project).
I get better results if I only press 1 button at a time.
When I press both buttons, the mesh holds form on the polypaint borders.
And also when I have just group on,the mesh becomes funky sometimes (artifacts on the borders) when I Dynamesh.

:bulb:Instant perspective and Angle placement
An update for the Imageplane,
you have a lot of perspective pictures sonline most in 3 quarter view, I was thinking loading the picture
in Imageplane connecting the eyes to mouth with small ZSpheres so you get a triangle then a script
will automaticly load the right perspective and angle.

:bulb:Shift Control Isolating Extra
When you have a model,and add polygroups to it, then mask.
Also make the CTRL-SHIFT availeble so you can still isolate polygroups ,for instance if you mask on both polygroups.

:bulb:Update Snapshot
An update snapshot setting that updates your snapshots on the canvas,so you can just snapshot a side, and that layer stay’s active,or a special new layer is made for it.
Nice for modeling so you can check multiple views that update, while you model.
Maybe easier way instead of extra camera’s in the scene.

:bulb:Timeline Split
A new setup for the timeline like a layered timeline,where you can cycle trough.
One for animation,one for material changes,and a color timeline,
Could be nice so it doesn’t get so crowded atm.
And also handy for polypaint baking per frame maybe.

:bulb:New Dynamesh Setting
This dynamesh, when you slice curve even takes in account the internal intersections and creates solid blocks even inside.
Couple slices Xpose and voila solid meshes,even internal ones (bypass groupsplit and selecting polygroups and dynameshing every group).

:bulb:3D Layer Color Blending Modes
Extra 3D Paint Layers modes, not just the 4 settings for painting, but like the filter blending modes that you can activate on the 3D Layer(Paint).

:bulb:Instance Subtool Option
Instancing subtools would be very cool (for reference etc).

:bulb:Creating IMM Brushes
If you create IMM Brushes compiled of subtools,give each subtool a depth option,
Im making an IMM Droplet brush,but can’t set the depth for each subtool (maybe there is a option for it but I dont know it yet)
I know how to set the behavior for 1 brush ,but a compiled subtool IMM brush not yet.
Or maybe a compile script so you can set behaviour for all the tools seperatly and then compile them into 1 IMM.

:bulb:Alpha Blend
A way to lay 2 alphas on top off each other, with blending modes for cool alpha effects.

:bulb:Color Code Subtool Pallet
A way to color code subtools for quick overview,extra button to change ,
So you could have the head,body,armor etc,in different color groups.
maybe easier than creating a whole new way to incorperate folders in there.

:bulb:New Masking Technique
A new masking brush ,that has the same behavior as the topology brush(shift so it does a cross section),
But then a curve or instant mask,cool for isolating cross sections.
I made a macro for isolating cross sections, but I still have to mask it by hand.

:bulb:Z Script plus
New script language ,for some real funky scripting!

:bulb:Smart Morph Target
Multiple subdivisions, morph targets.

:bulb:SliceCurve +
This new slicecurve,does not just squad the mesh againt the line,
This one read the curvature of the mesh and places normal markers on the mesh ,so it will slice on the curve,
and takes in account the normal direction of the curve on the suface,so it also slices also on the normal angle.

:bulb:True Full Screen
I made a macro that does fullscreen, and deactivates the menu button in one,
But I would love if the top Title menu,the frame lines etc, can be gone too.

:bulb:Color Menu
An insanely big swatches menu, with presets for all sorts off stuff : cartoon swatches, special effects swatches, you name it…
It’s in there!

:bulb:Floating Menu’s
An option to make pallets float on screen, so you can have a permanent panel like the Sculptris one.

:bulb:Smart Delete Canvas
A new way to clear just parts of the canvas, to have a rectangel delete option after you have a couple snapshots in there.(like the hide mesh selection)

:bulb:Grab Wrap Screen
When you have a textured wraped scene, and have like a plane in there (textured),
This Grab Wrap Screen, wil also add the image plane in the warped texture,so you can have customised
wrap screens. (cool for when your snapshots stay on screen,when you rotate the scene).

:bulb:Scale Texture Dial
A extra scale option in the LightBox Texture Dial,
Scale hight,and width seperately (for more control).

:bulb:BugFix LightBox Texturing
Bugfix when you have a unwrap textured scene,and start lightbox texturing, it inherits the scene texture instead of the lightbox texture.

:bulb:BugFix Lazymouse Strength
When you select a brush,some brushes (pinch,inflate) decrease strength when you have added a lazy mouse trail to it.
So far only the pinch brush and the inflate, has a decreased effect when you switch over to lazymouse.(that I tested so far).

:bulb:Cycle Blendmodes
A way to quickly cycle through blending modes, like the behavior in PS, click on the blendmode box,
and you can cycle useing mouseweel, or up and down arrow.

:bulb:Adjustment Store
A nice button that goes with the adjustment tab, where the clear adjustments button is,
A button to store your present configuration,for a nice off/on toggel.

:bulb:IMM Split
A button to split a IMM brush back to subtools, so you don’t have to bother getting subtools in alignment.

:bulb:Custom Tile Filter for Noise Pluggin
One extra Filter setting, for adding your own tile texture.

:bulb:Clear Cursor Magnify Glass
Option to clear the cursor,when magnify is activated, for a clear magnify glass.

:bulb:Replay Last Stroke Update
It would be nice if you can Replay Last Stroke after turning the model,
I use this feature a lot,but turning the model is recorded 2 as a stroke,
I can go around it by overdoing the replay last stroke and CTRL-Z when i’m at a different angle.
But would be cool if only the stroke are recorded.


:bulb:Game Engine
A Highend NextGen Game Engine for Pixoltown.

:bulb:3D Forum Meetingplace
Wouldn’t it be cool to combine a Game Engine with Social Media,Forum,Meeting Place,Team Building,and see all sorts of cool creatures.

:bulb:3D Avatars
Having your own models as avatars.

:bulb:Live Sculpt battles in Pixoltown
When the Multi Artist Live sculpt thingy is complete,we could have team speed battles!
In the great Pixoltown Arena for all the art battles.
and if you are not in the Pixol Arena,you could watch the battle, in a special window and still vote on the winner!

Environment artist can make pieces of Pixoltown and the community can vote what to add to Pixoltown.

:bulb:An option if your in Pixoltown,
when you switch back to zbrush or other 3D program,while in Pixoltown a visual plane is seen of your current computer screen, holded
by your Avatar in a sort of holographic super cool device.

:bulb:In Game Gadgets
Some cool ingame gadget for when brainstorming with friends like,whiteboards,ingame webbowser with a mirrored backplane,storyboards,
and the 3D application linker where an artist or inventor,can let you see a live scult to quickly sculpt out an idea!
And a offline session mode where teams can record sessions,specialy for co workers that are in area’s where there is no Internet atm;)

:bulb:Social Feeds
RSS feeds and social media feeds linked to your account that you could check,so you keep up with things,
A cool Skype option,so you can talk to your friends with your own creature with face animations ofc!

:bulb:Pixol Landscapes
Creating you own piece of land in Pixoltown,complete with your own build castle of course!

:bulb:3D Aura’s
The option to create your own special effect auras,and other cool effects.

:bulb:Bone System
Also a bone system like the biped in3dsmax where users can easy quick and dirty make a rig for
there character to use in the sort of 3D game environment to load in the social media town called
Pixoltown and meet other characters.
with social meetings ,the pluggin in zbrush or other 3D program with the 360 quick view will generate a WIP of your model
when you are offline you can have an option, so you can visually see 3D models created by artist ,that are out off
Pixoltown and view a offline so you see the birth of creatures!

:bulb:360 Pluggin for 3D software
Have a pluggin when your working on models that have a quick 360 snapshot option every 10 sec that
upload to the server.
that could display as a offline status.

:bulb:The Pixol Verse
Alien landscapes are just a portalaway!

:bulb:Dropbox for Pixoltown
A service for zbrush and other 3D programs users to upload to the Pixoltown dropbox service to online store 3D meshes,
And you could make options for making meshes public,
Now everything you make in zbrush ,or other 3D Programs, you can use in Pixoltown.
And others could use meshes you make 2!

:bulb:The Global Pixoltown Database
Where all the presets for brushes,Alpha’s,etc are available for residents just an quick download away !
Special perk stuff 2.

:bulb:Pixoltown Vehicles
Now you can create your own vehicles for quick transportation through the Pixol verse.

:bulb:Salvador Dali
A couple of Salvador Dali landscapes come to mind…
for a nice setting to brainstorm,and be inspired!

:bulb:Pixoltown Gigantic Museum of Art
It’s the place to go if your an art lover,
with all the top Row pieces are there of course,
voting can be done by the whole 3D Community.

:bulb:A Monthly Festival:
World of Art Craft
‘Make Art,not warcraft’ :+1:

:bulb:Grand Pixoltown Arena
The Grand Pixoltown Arena, For all sorts of art battles 2D,3D.

:bulb:Virtual ID
A virtual ID tag for artists with all there information like: website,sketchbook,social internet places,compagny name ect,
And a big overhead Compagny Name, when they enter the Pixoltown Grand Arena.

:bulb:The Grand World Art Tour
A ride in this tour,takes you through the entire historical world of art,
sit back, relax, and be amazed!

:bulb:Multiple Characters
All should have at least 2, 3D character, 1 for the children so they can still see you,
And an adult version.

:bulb:Z Services

A payed render farm service for 3D users.

A Z service maybe with the render farm service,to get scan data meshes that users can use.

:bulb:Z Marketplace
A marketplace where artist can sell there models,
maybe for people that don’t have zbrush or other 3D programs ,so they still can have cool avatars in Pixoltown.
good way to make a good buck with your old models!
because now the general public has a need for them!:bulb:

:bulb:Pixologic Database
A upload service for Z Brush users to upload settings,IMM Brushes,fiber presets etc,etc
So nothing gets lost on sharing services that go of order.

:bulb:3D Forums
We could make customized 3D forum environments for other communities.

A lot of these idea’s are perhaps not possible,
Or are already in there because I haven’t figured every thing out yet.

But hopefully it will spark a good idea! :smiley:

Also I only have ZBrush atm,and I know a lot of these things will seriously bog down Zbrush atm, however it would be cool ,
maybe in future versions!

Best Regards,

Ronald van Erp

“Can’t have enough options !”:laughing:

i’ll keep posting new :bulb:idea’s to this post.

Thanks Ronald, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look through tomorrow and let you know if anything is already possible/doable through zscript.


I noticed ZCasting while looking around under scripting. No doubt there’d have to be a server involved. And with it a bunch of code. Caligari had ‘virtual spaces’ at one time. Could be cool. Would be useful in production to speed workflow.

Yeah looks cool,
Who made the ZCasting btw?

And thanks Marcus

ZCast was part of ZBrush some versions back but was never fully implemented. I don’t know why not.

  1. You could script a brush and secondary brush so you could switch between them. In fact I did it :wink: (as a macro) here: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?94752-Useful-small-ZScripts-and-Macros-for-ZBrush-4-amp-4R3&p=871353&viewfull=1#post871353

  2. There are different polypaint modes, see the Brush>Alpha and Texture>Polypaint Mode slider.

  3. For grabbing the screen in a sequence, explore the Movie palette - there are lots of options. Also it is possible to play back the undo history and record it as a movie.

  4. Under Preferences>Transpose you can adjust the mask blur and sharpen strengths.


Thanks Marcus.


Scratched a couple off the list!

And added some extras!:laughing:

HTH :+1:

Ronald van Erp

Resym and smart resym for Z Sphere Rigs

If you lay down a custom mask (like a circle mask),
If you replay that stroke, it behaves like you have put down a square and jump a little.

When you have you model and add group loops to it,
And then start isolating 1 group,and apply a mask to it,and ctrl-w to it it works perfectly but…
when you switch to your full model again,with (ctrl - left mouse in canvas),
It doesn’t remember the masking group you just made.

A new option for the Mesh Insert Brush,

Where you can also incorperate Z Spheres to it,
For example: If you have a hair bread mesh insert brush,
It also places a zsphere link to it (auto on every curve point), that can be adjusted with extra links, that is perfectly centered and deforms the mesh.
And moves with the curve (maybe a special bind option too).

A new option for the imageplane pluggin,
Where you can load in a turntables(or image sequences).
So you can also rotate the the BG for reference ect.

Extra slider for the model opacity,
So you can see through the UI (100% opacity), and still be able to affect the model opactity. (for getting the model up to 100% visible),
And the cursor is linked to the model opacity.
So you can model with just the 3D object while watching a movie.

btw see through is awesome.

Regards Ronald

When you snapshot your model on screen,it could be nice to auto save it seperately
And have seperate image files of the snapshot states of your project,maybe in 1 image file.
All pasted together (like a collage).

When you import your pictures into Spotlight,
By default it make the 100% Black pixels transparent.
So it loads in jagged.
It’s a quick fix with the contrast slider,but could be faster to prefix the picture so you can work faster.
Now when you load in multiple pictures you have to manually fix all the pictures before you can spray paint them on a mesh.

When you have your 3D Mesh Textured ,and put poly frame on, by default it overlays it so much that you can’t see the texture anymore.
It would be nice to have some control over the opacity of the polyframe.
Maybe a slider to change the opacity so you can still see the texture and slightly see the poly frame wire.
And a desaturated slider to go with it,(makes the multiple colors desaturated,but still keeps all the color groups)

A new setting for GOZ,
When you GOZ between Z Brush and your 3D Software,
If you place a camera in that scene, and revert back to Z Brush,it
automaticly adapts to that scene camera so it changes the FoV and Document size.
So you can use Z Brush materials, and the materials from your 3D Software that are perfectly line up.
very handy for composite rendering.

A new setting for the Curves,
A offset slider so you can cycle (insert brushes),on the curve ,
Nice to go with the snapshot function too.

When you do a constained Damian Standard stroke with shift,
That line is strait,but when you shift constrain mask stroke (for if you are using lazy mouse with the shift pressed)
that stroke can’t be constrained, so goes all over the place.

A cool new brush that attracts Z Spheres,
So you can reflow the direction of a Z Sphere armature,
Starting at a base Z Sphere clicking on the first Z Sphere for controling the children ,and drawing the new direction of the Z Sphere rig,(maybe a curve setting,so it will snap to the curve,and you have control over the curve spline after too)
And keeps the length between the Z Spheres.