Some More Work: Games, and Sculpture

Here’s some more stuff I’ve been up to recently. As always, I’d love to hear what you think, positive or otherwise.

I don’t know how this new (to me) way of attaching images works, so I’ll just have to make some comments, and hope you know to which image I’m referring. There’s a full Solomon Grundy sculpt, a Batman bust I wanted to do in the Randy Bowen Style, same with a Deadpool, and Punisher, Busts. And there’s the Cyber Mage, which is a personal design, that I will be taking into game res, and doing some PBR stuff to. The pose is wonky, and I’ll be redoing it, but I really just wanted to show it off, for now.

I’ll have some more later, as NDA’s release. I’ve been doing some work for Table Top Miniatures, recently, and will post those soon. As always, thanks for looking.

I’m also available for some freelance work, so hit me up at replica63@hotmail.com and let’s talk.


Solomon Grundy_05.jpg

Solomon Grundy_01-1.jpg





Really good stuff. Can’t wait to see more.

Thanks! I’m very glad you like my work. I’ll be posting some more soon. Just thought these would be a good start. :slight_smile:

impressive works.solomon looks really nice.keep it up.;):wink:

Thanks, Diablo.

Here’s a couple shots of Brass Demur, from Battle Chasers.

hey man,I really like those hard edges on his muscles.keep’em coming.;):wink:

Very cool. Put a scar along his chest and you also have a really nice Sagat.

A few more shots from more recent work.

(I hope I uploaded the images right, so I’m not taking up a bunch of shots on the opening page.)

Darth_Talon_05.jpgDarth_Talon_06.jpgscreenshot001 (2).jpg



A few more pieces of mine. All ZBrush, and Marmoset.

Another bust!! Done for fun, and probably something else in the near future. I’m starting to enjoy making busts, but I still love full characters. There’s one in the works now, that will be something else I haven’t really done much of.


Also, I’m available for commissions, and sculpting work. Email me at replica63@hotmail.com

A couple of busts for part of a series, that will be a kickstarter “soon”.


I’m available for commissions. email me at replica63@hotmail.com

Another bust. A scifi pilot I recently finished. This one was a lot of fun.

I’m available for commissions, and contract work. replica63@hotmail.com

Necromancer sculpt for a future set of 30-40mm minis.


I’m also available for commissions, and contract work. Email me at replica63@hotmail.com