Some Latest Pieces

Hi all. I want to share some of my latest models sculpted with zbrush.
Here is a head model I did yesterday in four hours with ZB3.
I’ll post some more later.


Used an really old and ugly mesh for this one.  I love the recycling feature of Zbrush =)

Comments and critiques are welcome.


I like it! Very cool about recycling.

My only main critique would be the veins on the neck seem a little extreme and/or anatomically incorrect compared to the rest of the model. I don’t think veins like that would generally show up while a character is in a resting state. Just something to consider.

That’s just a nitpick though. It does look great!

Excellent piece.

very nice model , a nice texture on it and it could look realistic. If you toned down the manly features a bit , you end up with Michael Scofield from Prison break on this character.

Excellent sculpt!

Very charismatic character, I agree about the veins though.


I like it! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks so much friends!

zerodean, As soon as i read your comment about the veins i looked at them again and yes they were looking really odd. I’ve corrected and cleared them. Hope it looks ok now.

vlad74, thanks mate! Glad you like it!

The Namek, thanks so much. As i love Prison Break and fan of Scofield brothers, i didn’t looked the model that way until read your comment. I was thinking to model him near future so maybe i can start with this model and try to change the look to M.Scofield on next days. And your Davy really cool. keep up the good work!

highlander_72, thanks so much for your helpful comment!

Lil’sister, Since i first saw your works in these forums i’m a fan of your works. I’m glad you like it! Thanks so much for passing by. Keep up the good work!

Wow man! Really nice work! :+1:

thanks Wandddo!

Here is my latest piece i sculpted in ZBrush 2, before ZBrush 3 came out.
It’s based on a sculpture of Hiroshi Katagiri ( figuresculptures.com )


Here is basemesh (it was my first head modeling tryout which i did long long time ago) =)

Comments are welcome.


Very nice.

You are talented. The first head is awesome.

Keep it up:lol:

turx You came up with that from the base mesh? you shoul do a morph!
:qu: is this a single mesh? are the teeth a subtool?

poda, thanks!

sylvian.b, thanks so much. love your works.

sadicus, i made the model with Zbrush2, so there is no subtool. It’s a single mesh. I’ve made some extra edge loops on ears and big teeth for more details, so morph is not possible any more.
Here is the beginning zscript of that model if you wish to see how i started it. Script doesn’t work in ZB3 correctly, so run it in ZB2. The base mesh included.

Hi again everybody,

here is another model i’ve made lately.

i’ve started with the same ugly basemesh above to sculpt this head model.

this is how it looks on C4D with displacement maps(the wire is 2nd level mesh):


Very realistic face. I also like how the displacement render turned out.

Beautiful work man. Dont know how I missed it before. Very nice details. Nice tactile look to the skin.

Awesome! He looks familiar and reminds me of one of those 60’s sci fi flicks!

lovely to see that attention to form, very well done.

nice work man:+1: !!!

Very nice man, great anatomica details, and nice proportions:+1: