Some Anatomy Studies

Hey all, it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything here…or anywhere. Here are some anatomy studies I’ve been tinkering around with. It started with an assignment for my students that I did along with them…make a skull and add muscles. I never quite finished adding the details and veins/nerves to the head so I’m going to try and get that done while I’m juggling work and this blizzardfest competition.

I spent A LOT of time gathering references and comparing different reference for muscular anatomy of the head. It’s crazy how contradictory anatomy ref can be. I had my Dr. sister in law take a look at it to ensure accuracy as well.

I render in mental ray for maya. I used some of the corrective layers in P-shop from the Mike Nash fake it bundle, good stuff.

Crits welcome!

head ecorche wip.jpgskull zbr2.jpgskull zbr1.jpgskull zbr3.jpgSKIN.jpgmuscle.jpg

its really great :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Beautiful study. Bravo.

I agree, lovely study!


Mind blowing !! this is looking so Awesome perfect !! :D:+1:

Masterful! :smiley:

Well done:+1:

Love, love, love your form and texture work. keep it up!

Awesome :sunglasses:

Gorgeous work. Top row! :+1:

Phenomenal anatomy studies! :+1:

brilliant work, dude!
can u say a few words about your technique? is it dynamesh mostly?

very nice indeed. your echorche is fantastic.
could you elaborate a little on the shader setup? i guess it’s pretty simple, but you got a nice result here.
looking forward for more.


Loving all this work! Really great job!

These are absolutely wonderful!

wow ~! very nice!!

These are really nice. Your rendering is beautiful too. would you be able to share how you did your rendering.

Beautiful sculpt. great work!

This is about as done as it’s going to get. I’m going to render from a couple more angles and probably tweak the settings as I go. I know some of you have a few questions about rendering and what approach I used to model this thing, I haven’t forgot about you…but for now I need sleep. I’ll post more renders tomorrow after work and answer some questions then. Thanks everyone for checkin’ this out, and as always critiques are welcome.

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