Somali Ostrich (female)

Another CG bird project wherein I tried to create a photorealistic and anatomically accurate model of female Somali Ostrich. Hi-detailed sculpting I did in ZBrush. All grooming and scattering works of feathers I used Yeti, the ostrich has real fiber feathers (total count feathers- 9196 and 3427455 fibers) and I didn’t use any poly plane feathers. As always, for shading, I used melanin centric Arnold Hair shader with a complex network.
Average render time: 8k ~17h.
As always you can buy Artstation posters with this work, if you like it.


Looks gorgeous! Textures, leg/feet details and render! Bravo @Yuriy_Dulich :slight_smile:

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Wow FANTASTIC! Love it!:fist::heart_eyes::fist:

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